Monday, June 16, 2008

My new rule: whenever I feel like I need to say that I 'hate' something, I will compliment it with something that I love.

1. I hate emotional fights.
1A. I love oranges.

2. I hate feeling like people expect me to work late because I always end up working late.
2A. I love that cutting coupons, returning bottles, and getting "in-store" savings can add up to more than $20+ in overall savings on your grocery bill.

3. Sometimes I hate working for family because it stresses me more than anyone really should be stressed.
3A. I love that I'm excited to buy a new HE washer and dryer sometime this week (or next).

4. I hate feeling like my dog is bored.....all the time.
4A. I love my big straw hat with the bow on it. I bought it in Jamaica and it's made by real Jamaicans.

5. I hate that some people still use racial slurs.
5A. I love that sometimes people give you special privledges because they trust you.....a complete stranger.

....that's it for now.....but I'm already feeling more balanced. Thanks blog-

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lindsay said...

I like this exercise. I think I shall follow suit.