Tuesday, July 24, 2001

Love. How does one know, at 19, that they're "in love"? I can understand love for a family member or love for a friend or even love for an animal but I can't see feeling the same caliber of emotion for a lover at such a young age. 19 seems grown enough but it’s honestly short-standing. I’m still peeling my parents off my back, how am I expected to just jump into a co-dependent relationship? Yes, “co-dependent”. It might seem like a completely absurd word to have used, but isn’t there just a morsel of true to it? I mean, if you love someone, don’t you depend on them to provide love and support in everything you do?

Let’s try this; what is the first word that comes into your mind when you read “love”? The generic answer would be something along the lines of; care, affection, friendship, fondness, devotion, passion, or ardor. Okay. So you are as devoted to your partner as much as he/she is devoted to you and together you believe that your love will destroy any obstacle in your path. You dedicate every ounce of time and effort you spare to keep that love alive, adoring every moment of the encouragement and enthusiasm you get back. You rely on honesty, trust and commitment to preserve the strength of your relationship. Am I close?

So at 19, you found love. After one year of legal adulthood, you found someone who is worth the investment of all of your time and energy. Actually, let me take a different approach. Fishbones, a local seafood restaurant, serves an absolutely exquisite plate of whitefish marinated in white wine, I mean the best you’ve ever tasted. They also serve thee most delicious Trout I have ever eaten. The calamari is good, but I’m not really a big fan anymore. Their Snapper is excellent too but the rice that goes with it wasn’t the best. The point is, I’ve tried almost everything on that menu and learned from it; whether to order it next time or pass it off. I know that I have plenty of time to choose which plate is the absolute finest, so why not use that stretch to the fullest? For the most part, same ‘ole same ‘ole is great, if it’s always in variation. If not, eventually I find that I can’t stick with the same taste over and over again, knowing there’s so much more out there to try.

My intention today, was not to condemn others my age and their newfound loves, but simply to express my feeling on this particular issue. I try not to decry loving relationships or deny that someone else’s feelings are anything but a reality, I’m only trying to get people to understand my personal foundation on the topic of love. If it works for you and your happy, that’s all that matters. For me, it’s adorable to watch my friends fall in love because it works for them. It’s just that it’s never really my plate of fish, if you know what I mean.

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