Thursday, September 06, 2001

I had a dream

I was wearing a white gown with a long lace veil falling along my back and to the floor. There were little purple roses woven into my long blond curls and a striking bouquet of white roses in my hands. On my left hand was a phenomenal and absolutely stunning diamond ring that reminded me of the first time it was put on my finger, I would never forget. A smile drew across my face and a tear streamed down my cheek when I looked at the incredibly handsome man standing at the end of my intended path. His back was turned but I could sense the explosive excitement flowing through his veins in waiting for my hand in marriage. Stepping lightly over the rose pedals on the isle way, I looked ahead to my place beside him. He turned and gazed into my eyes with the deepest love I've ever felt and as I gripped his gentle hand, I knew he had my heart and soul forever. Yet there is a twist, he is someone I know right now.

Could it be fate or fantasy?

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