Sunday, September 09, 2001

A letter from a friend

"Hey Jackie
Well I thought of another one was I was sleeping... This time I think
remembered it.
Laughing... There is a phrase I heard once. It said or asked "Can we
truly love someone that we never laugh with?" I have tried answering it and I
seem to come up with one answer... No! you ask why my friend. OK I
think I can give you an answer. I know that everyone has there own opinion on
Love, but mine truly comes with laughter. In this so called dream I had this girl
that I spent time with who I can never see her face, had me smiling from ear
or ear. I wish I could see her face, so I knew who she was... Funny thing is
she is someone that I have already met. Maybe one day I will find out who
she is.
Well, Jackie I hope all is well and I really hope you like that. I am
surprised I remembered any of it. Some of it I think has to do with your
blog that I read and for some strange reason remembered it in the dream.
well I have to get going to dinner I will talk to you later though.. So take

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