Sunday, September 23, 2001

Yea I wore Marian colors

So my friend Sobe526 and I went to our old high school football game on Saturday the 22nd. After watching Regina throw punches in a flag football game, put minutes back on the clock when they're losing by one point in the forth, and do anything short of smoke ref pole, we headed (no pun intended) to the parking lot with grim faces. In stopping in the Notre Dame High School gym to go to the bathroom, I met two wonderful Regina girls. As I stood around a corner in a hallway outside of the women's bathroom waiting for Sobe526, the Regina/Notre Dame band walked in and plopped their fat asses on the floor in the main hallway. One of the bitches peeked her head around the corner and saw my Marian sweatshirt and starting commenting on how much "Marian sucks". Oooooo flash back to two years ago when these fucking hefers(sp?) messed with my 12 year old sister. My skin started to burn and my breath got deeper. Each word that came out of that fuckin dumb bitch's mouth drove me into a firey rage. I held myself back though, knowing that I couldn't start shit without Sobe526 out of the building. In the split second, before we rounded the corner, I tried to decide if it was worth the risk of a lawsuit or if she was even worth it. Dude I looked at the bitch, she was no good yo!! She was weak--but dog, if she had said anything else I woulda put the bitch on the floor. Oh my, if you were even there. I don't care if I graduated two years ago, I still played soccer with some of Marian's football players--those were once friends and teammates. Ahhhhhhh, I feel better now. All is well at the moment.

P.S--I'm glad that I didn't do anything, my friend said assualt and battery vs. a minor would not have been a positive mark on my application into the police academy. Whooo......

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