Wednesday, October 10, 2001

Ah. Ok I'm done now. Hopefully.

I've decided that I don't care. Yes I have now converted to apatheticism and if this were a religion, I'm starting to feel like the Jesus of languor. I think it came about yesterday at about 7pm. I walked to my Foreign Policy class in Dunbar, anxiously awaiting for the results on the exam I took last week. Ok so I was basically running to history (yea I know--what is that?) but I really wanted to know. But what do I find when I get there?! I sit down and my test is handed to me and I got a C. A mutha fuckin C. I've gone to every class with the exception of one, which I skipped to study for another class, I've taken notes and I've even fuckin studied and I get a shitty C. Oh I was ticked, let me tell you. Anyway, I go back to my dorm to relax and read some Philosophy before my CMD class at 6. I headed off to class at 20 to, and when I got there, it was the same fuckin thing. I told myself everything would be fine after discovering my first quiz came back at a whopping 18/26 but little did I know that after studying and reviewing over and over again, I would come to find that my next quiz would be even worse--topping out at a wonderful 16/30. I fuckin suck. I go to class, I'm a good kid, I do all the shit people tell me to do and I can't do well on the freakin exams.

Those days are killer. You know you think that today's gonna be a good day, and it turns out that today could very well put you in the hospital (mental or physical---in my case, more mental). That's why I'm now queen of the apathetic little people.

On a brighter note, my mom sent me somthin in the mail. It was a piece of paper that said, "Hi! I love you! -MOM" and a check and a sticker for the plate on my truck. Dude I love that woman, she's awesome. Oh yea I like the checks too, KEEP EM COMIN MA!

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