Sunday, November 18, 2001

Can you hand me a Blue?!

I have the bestest friend's in the world. This weekend was the famous Western vs. Central rival football game so Sobe, Sobe's borther, Sobe's best friend, Jellybeem and my little brother came up. Friday night was out of control. All of us piled into my truck and headed over to Sobe's brother's best friend's house (if you get that) to party for a little while and then we were supposed to go over to another house after that. We had such a good time at Adam's (the guy I discribed in the previous sentence), laughing and teaching her brother to dance, god that was funny. But I made a mistake, I was a horrible hostess and to those who know what I'm talking about, I am so sorry.......I'm really not thinking sometimes....I should have known better....I'm so sorry. I picked everyone up at Adam's and Sobe, Jellybeem, my little bro and I all went back to the dorms at like 4am.

My sweet roommate had like 10 people over all drinking and being incredibly loud and rude to my guests, so at 430am I had to call CapnLoser and Balki4evr and beg them to let us stay at their place.....speaking of which, I am beyond grateful and in total debt to them, they are so amazingly awesome---Thanks guys. We got up at 11 and drove back to my dorm room once again and then headed out to tailgate with the other cajillion people in the parking lot of the rec. We met up with Sobe's bro and his friend, had a beer, talked, Bumstead had ketchup thrown all over the back of her sweatshirt, all of us had a least a spot of beer on our shirts/sweatshirts, and then we headed off to WillCall to pick up tickets.

We sat in the end zone bleachers during the game due to the massive combined hangover we all seemed to display. At half time, we caught JPD's show on the field, then Bumstead, my bro and I all went over to Balki4evr and Capnloser's place to help prepare for the enormus dinner we were planning and Sobe and Jellybeem to my bro's car and drove to Jellybeem's cousin's place at K College. As soon as the three of us got to CapnLoser and Balki4evr's place, CapnLoser took us to Hardings to get some alcohol. We bought some wine and 12 of soon as we got back, we cracked open a bottle and didn't stop drinking till 11 or so. (keep in mind we got over there at 530ish) Anyway, so my mommy comes over with 9 other people and is blown away by Balki4evr and CapnLoser's cooking was so good-----Quesidila's (sp?), homemade salsa (mmmm sooo delicious), sishkabob's (sp?) and scumptous rice.

The night continued as all of us college students (1 high school) proceeded to drink ourselves silly, as everyone else watched. We sang (Balki4evr leading with his astonishing voice and guitar playage --->that's not a word oh well) together, it was so cool. My mom's friends ended up leaving at 8ish and she decided to stay and drink with us. CapnLoser kept trying to feed her more wine but she was a little tipsy so she smiled and shook her head no.....Ahhh I'm so glad everyone got to get drunk with my moms, she so awesome to hang out with....

So we all pretty much passed out by midnight----I got up this morning and cleaned their house for em, it was a little dirty but whatever, it's my duty to treat them like God's for the next week, not that I haven't already before but this time they know it. :-) Sobe and Jellybeem had stopped by last night to eat but decided not to stay which was cool cause it does kinda suck to hang out at a party where everyone's already inebriated and you're completely sober. We met up with those two back at the dorm around 1pm on Sunday. My little bro needed to get home so Bumstead and I lead them out to Mobil on 94 and said our goodbye's and sorry's and thank you's out there. This weekend was so cool; aside from my dumbness and complete disregard for my guests on Friday night, my roommate's total disrespect and lack of concern for the welfare of her own roommates, the whole weekend was "super excellent sweet" (in the words of Sobe and Jellybeem).

So to end this long ass post, I like to leave you with thee qoute of the weekend :
Some guy standing behind us during the gynormus tailgate party: "whoops I'm sorry I think I grabbed your ass"
I just stood there and looked at him, you know the "why are you touching me you dirt ass" look.
He turned me around and was like "look at her ass, doesn't she have a nice ass?! Yo guy, don't you think she has a nice ass?!"
My little brother----with a straight face--: "that's my sister"

He really didn't touch my ass, I just cushened his fall with my side and most of my right arm.

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