Wednesday, November 14, 2001


There's a crack between my desk and the wall and I keep dropping things in it. Losing stuff sucks. I lost my keys once and I almost went insane trying to find them. After "rearranging" my dorm room, I noticed that they were in my back pocket all along. You know what else is good to keep in your back pocket? Your wallet. My "wallet" consists of three credit cards, a student ID, my license, my insurance and registration, and a copy card I found at the library. I don't usually go to Waldo's though. Now, I tend to go to the education library in Sangren to study for Criminal Justice. The readings for cj are on reserve there -- they help us to understand the theories put forth by all of our required criminologists. For example, I went there last Sunday to study Howard Becker and for my exam last Monday. I wanted to skip today but my prof would have known I wasn't there if I didn't pick up the test. So I left for class today at like 945am and I saw two squirrels fighting. It was so funny, they were jumpin off walls and poles and stuff. This other guy found it quite amusing as well cause he laughed but then he said "I so need sleepy". Then I laughed some more. It was funny. :-)

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