Sunday, November 04, 2001

Saturday Night:

"Hey Jack what's up?!"
"Nuffin Ry, what's goin on?"
"hey wanna drive down to Three Rivers with me to pick up somin"

"So are we goin to Three Rivers?"
"Nah Jay, I decided not to go"
"Yea, I wasn't really in the mood to drive"
"Hey wait, Ry, wanna go to chicago?"
"uhh ok. I'm in."

(Jay went over to Jon & Ryan's)
"No!! You can't go to ChiTown without me!" -Jon
"Why don't you come with us?" -Jay
"I have to work" -Jon
"Well we could drive up the coast..what do you think Ry?" -Jay
"Aight" -Ry
"Nah let's not do that....." -Jay
"Windsor?" -Ry
"Nah" -Jay
"Indianapolis?! Indiana is right down 69" -Ry
"Let's do it"


"Ok no. Ft. Wayne sounds nice" -Jay
"aight" -Ry

We drove 2 hours (100 miles) for dinner and a look around Ft. Wayne. The people we talked to at Casa Grille where we ate, seriously did not even believe us when we said we drove two hours just for dinner. It was a damn good dinner though. I'd like to go again, if we can find it. I love college. :-)

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