Tuesday, November 13, 2001


My mom and dad, dillweeder, grandma and my uncle's family, all came to my grandma's club for brunch last sunday. My mom and dad at one point during the pre-course conversation, were engaged in an frickin hilarious temper tantrum. I had mentioned somethin about visiting my mom in Battle Creek this weekend to see her do her horseback riding dealy thing, and my dad pulled a Stone Cold "WHAT?!" My father jumped into a notsoflaming pit of frustration for a second and said that in non-coercive, nonchalant, and in other words all out attempt to get the right answer without causing a massive interrogation scene, my family simply states our intentions to he who is the proper authorizing figure and quickly and quietly scan for a reaction then jet off. That's it. We all do the same thing. So my dad, sarcastically wide eyed and smiling looks at my mom and says "I'm going to Kalamazoo this weekend and Jack and I are gonna get stupid." He raises his hands chin level and waits for a reaction from my mom. Three seconds later he looks at me in big smiles and says "alright!!"

Annoyed and in retort to my mom's mumbles, my dad said "grrrr it's never a question with you people, only a statement I'm supposed to react to." It was my clever uncle who jumped in to defend us....."well when they do it to you, you don't actually say no." At that point I looked at my dad in the chair next to me and just laughed for five minutes.


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