Thursday, December 20, 2001

I think I'm losin my mind this time, this time I'm losin my mind

I know nothing about hockey. My brothers and neighbors used to come over to my old house and play pick up games in my backyard when we were kids but even then I was like, "ok hit, I hit, puck goes in net." I owned a stick once. And a little orange puck. Two actually. I still own a pair of hockey skates (not to be confused with 'ice skates'). I had gloves once. They were hand-me-downs, from like 6 generations. And I only had 'em cause I stole 'em from my brother. We had nets once. They were red and you had to put them together everytime you wanted to play. Kinda sucky cause they were metal and quite flimsy. I used to kick the hell out of em with my soccer ball back in the day. But see that's how I was when I was little. I was a hardcore tomboy. I used to go out back and nail the ball a couple times on the side of the house when I was pissed off. I broke the basement window, my mom wasn't happy. Neither was I, my ball went flat. I don't do that now although it would be nice to work out once and a while. My mom told me the other day that I was a little bit of a hot head in my younger days. I remember those days. Venting on the rink or on the field. I usually got clocked on the rink though. My bestest friend WCN, our classmate Falcon, and my little bro would come out and play some semi-freezing nights. My dad even put a light over the ice so that we could play later. The games were kinda dumb though. It was a contest to see who could knock someone out of the rink first, the actual game was kindof the sub-plot. I was the one who was thrown out most of the time. Either my bro or I, was on someone's agenda every night. It was ok though, we didn't mind.

I miss my old backyard. I miss my old neighborhood. I miss going to block parties in the summer. I hate that we know all of two families in our neighborhood now. I miss our swing. My dad tied thick ropes to the lowest branch of this tree right smack in the middle of our old backyard. I used to climb them just to see if I could make it to the top. It was 50-60 ft ropes. Tall tree for a little kid. I made it to the top a few times but my mom always ran outside, screaming at me to get down, "NOW!" I miss watching my dad put my little sister on his lap and swing back and forth. I miss making leave trails in the back after all the leaves fell. We would make curves, twists and turns with rakes, making a clear path in the leaves and tattooing the lawn with green lines. Then we used to switch and run through each other's trails. I miss building a fort out of sticks behind the fence, in the woods, beyond our property line. We spent days making this thing, it was cool. I miss "night games" with the neighbor kids. I miss climbing the evergreen tree in the front yard and the one down the street. I miss Arman our old next door neighbor. No wait, no I don't. That guy was creepy. He mowed his lawn almost every day, he asked my bestest friend's older sister out on a date (he was like 40 and she was 18 at the time I think), he lived off his mother's millions so he never had to work, and he never shaved, so when he looked at you, it was like caveman on drugs or somin; it was freakin people out. He told my dad once that his property value was gonna go down if my dad didn't mow the lawn. Dude, my dad was at work 8 days a week tryin to keep himself above water and you expect him to jump right on that those few moments he's at home? Sometimes we went with the extra long blade look, but us kids enjoyed it. My dad would always pull a Cap when he talked to Arman, "I work, jackass." It was funny sometimes.

Yea, I better get back on this "burn the C drive and fix it, Jack" thing I'm supposed to be working on. Ehe, I'll finished it before lunch. Check yall later.

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