Tuesday, December 11, 2001

I went to a concert last night

Holy shnikes! I went to see Lifehouse last night and it was a phenomenal show. I was very impressed with their performance, they were great. They livened up the stage by changing the approach to their songs so that the only way you recognized the song was by the words.......They also put on an acoustic set for us, it was unbelievable! On that note: I'm feelin a little better about my forgetfulness today. It's a good thing too cause I was really upset, my little sister forgot to press the record button at 9pm so I could watch RAW when I got home. It's ok, I'm ok................

Speaking of RAW---while I was writing this I was reading about what happened last night. Ok, the words "can", "you", "dig", "it", "sucka" and "I", "know", "you", "didn't", "just", "say", "that", should never be used in a sentence, ever. The word "spineronie" is now a slanderous word and it shall never be considered a good word because the stupid fuck who invented the "spineronie" is keeping the other arrogant fool, Jericho, a champion. Booker T is a horrible character, McMahon is a dumb shit for bringing that I-am-tighty-whitey-wearing-Sam Jackson-wanna-be Fuck Nut back to the ring. Come on, Rick Flair was right not to offer Booker T a job. Whoooooooo. Kurt Angle and Rikishi? Wow, that musta been cool to watch. I'm sad about Jeff and Matt though. Jeff is so sweet and Matt is awesome but Matt is getting all pissed off over stupid stuff, he's gotta calm down a little bit. I hope the Hardy Boyz don't really break up, I love those guys.

Anyway, enough about WWF. I went to drop off some sumps today at a jobsite and the foreman asks "you're a LaDuke aren't you?" I smiled and said "yea" but it was a kindof a fake smile. I didn't want him to know that I was a LaDuke. That name has a definite "the boss' daughter" stigma in this business. It sucks, I feel like they look at me with resentment--fuck I look at myself with resentment. I have no power in this company, neither do I need any. None. Look, I love what makes me who I am (in particular, my parents) with all my heart, but sometimes I wish I was just a girl dropping off boxes of sump covers.

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