Monday, December 10, 2001

Look at me

Honestly, I look at myself in the mirror every day and I wonder what the hell I'm doing on the face of this planet.

I hate it when I can't remember anything. Sometimes I want someone like Nicotrel to come over to my house and beat the living hell out of me if I forget something. For example, I bought something for my buddy and for like three days, I've been meaning to send it. Grrrrr that makes me so frikin mad. Note: It's still sitting on my dresser at home. I forgot I'm supposed to go to a concert tonight and a Wing's game on the 19th......I was supposed to call Bumstead today and I forgot the number at home. I forgot the papers for my family tree thing at school as well as my jackets, including the leather and long ones, and preorder form for books and shit. I forgot to stop at the gas station this morning and during lunch, to fill my tires with air.....that is really important because I'm down to 30psi and my truck holds 45psi max. I forgot my CD's where I copied the photo's for my christmas project, at home but then found out that because I don't have a burner, my computer won't read CD-RW discs and the only picture/show/editwithmusic that I have access to, is on my computer and I can't transfer the program setup files to this computer (I'm at work) because a floppy is too small and the only internet capablilities my computer has, is ethernet and we have neither connection at work or at home. So basically, my whole idea is crushed-a-mondo because I forgot that there is no possible way I can get the stupid dumb files off my computer. I wish I could hook up and send them to this computer but more than likely if I tried I would run into a firewall and that means that I have to go into this machine and disable it which could take all year. Awe shit I hope this day goes faster.

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