Wednesday, December 12, 2001

My job

I am the computer geek at work. People come to me with questions like, "how come I can't get this program to function through unix?" or "I can't get this TIF file to convert to a PDF, can you find out what EXE I lost?". Ok yea, I know what you are thinkin, your thinkin "jay? she doesn't know anything about computers! She doesn't even know HTML language or what a 3D accelerator is!" Well folks, I do know a little smigen about computers. Well at least when I'm at work, I think it all goes to hell after that. Anyway, so I was scanning windows' files today, to find a source file to a program that decided it doesn't want to work, yada yada yada, all the previous non-saved files were now preserved and present on the program, which just now yelled at me for making it work. I also do grunt work, aka things that no one wants to waste his/her time doing. For example, since 10am this morning, I've been printing. My not-really-boss-but-higher-than-I-am-guy asked me to print out some details to close a punch list. Ok these pages, yea, one would think it would take five minutes, HA! I laugh at one!! I've got 18 gigs in front of me, 64 megs of free RAM but nooooo, we don't want to use that. WE wanna be scanned in a hi-res scanner that boggs down my cache mem everytime you access a file and try and print it. Oh yea, and the printer?! yea it doesn't want to print now, it's too good for ink. It's going on strike because it wants a new $280 PCU. (<--sarcasm - I know it's hard to tell with me sometimes)

I jump online and listen to winamp while I work to. I normally would never do that but since I finish my work so fast, I try and distract myself so it'll take me longer (otherwise I'm bored as hell). Seriously I've got 18 gig in front of me, imagine the possibilities. Sometimes I do shit like leveling the ground between the addition and the next door building or building gynormus shelves for the file room then organizing every single file and making a directory. I like that stuff, I mean of course it causes bruising but it's relaxing and takes up a lot of my day. So yea, that's about all I do. What do you do?

Oh yea and to my friend Bumstead. I know it's difficult to be the peacemaker when it seems as though there's no hope between person A and person B and I want to send you all the respect and love in the world for doing it. Girl you amaze me. I may have told you this before but you are by far, one of the strongest, nicest, sweetest people I know. Dude my mom so digs you too, she said you were so cute :-). So my holiday wish for this year, is that you will never have to play the peacemaker role between the people you love ever again.

Fingers crossed---

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