Thursday, December 27, 2001

Not gonna get into it

There will be no changing minds. There will be no effort to broaden (name excluded)'s perspective. Every constituent has the right to construe his/her own opinion. I will not attempt to debate a topic based on mere personal opinion. It is not within my civility that I suggest “right” alternatives. I will not seek to modify the nature of (NE)’s judgments. I will not be offended by words.

Christmas, isn’t it wonderful?

I love Santa. I adore family. I cherish my friends…… by god, I love Christmas time. Every year it gets just a little sweeter. The Homily on Christmas Eve was notably eloquent, nearly restoring my faith in Catholicism completely. My roommate’s holiday wasn’t as decadent as she anticipated; it was an absolute jubilation at first read . I was all but reduced to tears at mass, as I caught a glimpse of my older brothers fingers wrapped comfortably around my father’s warm hand as we recited the Our Father. My grandmother called me a wino after becoming aware of my newfound affection for the taste of a late Merlot or Chardonnay. I finally have a grip on the original Nintendo; complete with gold plated Zelda and Mario Bros. My closest and most coveted friends sound as if all had a splendid Christmas season. Two of my young cousins are near marriage. Two aunts are currently expecting; one is predicting two bundles of joy, at 48. And all is well in the LaDuke household.

I am definitely content with my life at this moment.

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