Thursday, December 13, 2001

Secret Surprise.......

I'm sitting here, at work again, wondering what I'm gonna do about this little hunger pain in my stomach. It's 9am and I have to continue printing but I feel somewhat hungry, err I think I feel hungry. I went to the book store last night instead of eating dinner so that might be why I might be hungry. I'm still wondering.

So I went to Barnes and Noble on 15 and Telegraph last night. It's a nice little book store with a little coffee place inside where studious people can look......studious. In the midst of looking for a birthday gift for my pop (by the way it's today), I found a 'How To Get Into Law School' section. I flipped through practice LSAT's and looked at GPA's optimal for law school, and I began to rip my hair out piece by piece. Yea, I didn't do as well as I could have this semester and looking at this minimum GPA and LSAT score did not help whatsoever. If I don't keep my grades high enough for the next 5 semesters (and by high I mean at least a 3.5+), I may not get into law school. Not cool. There's really nothing you can do with a criminal justice degree. I mean you don't need a degree in law enforcement and other than that there's really nothing else to do. The contract should and better help me for the rest of the year or I'm skrewed, royally.

Guess who else is fuckin my shit up lately!?! Capital One Credit. Their cards are so inticing to look at, I just have to spend. I'm looking at my bank account and I really can't afford it, but still I spend. The little black and blue cards (ironic isn't it?) look so fun, I can spend and the cash in my pocket is still there when I leave the store. Their so fun until the 20th-30th of every month. My two little buddies say, "it's time to pay up bitch!" I always pay, cause I know they still love me. We yell at each other sometimes but I know deep down inside they love me. :-)

Speaking of not spending money and how I'm gonna spend it anyway, a friend and I have a surprise. We can't tell you who, what, when, and where---we can only say it's a surprise. That is all.

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