Monday, December 17, 2001

Two women

In the business world, there are two kinds of women. Those who sit at a desk, accomplish given duties for the day ( & plus some) with a smile on her face, offer to take on an extra load at the weekly staff meeting no problem, then drive home to a bubble bath and mud mask......And those who sit at a desk, eat small, Little Cesar's Pizza's (leaving the box next to their keyboard toppling the piles of chocolate truffle wrappers), raise the tone in her voice to 'ear-shattering' level (when the cleaning people didn't do the dishes or moved their toys to clean desktops), then stick a thousand pieces of gum on the sides of their garbage cans before heading home. I dispise the latter. I go up there (that company occupies the second floor of LaDuke Roofing's office building), and I get sick to my stomach.

One annoying flaw

There is a large garbage can next to the window upstairs, in the back of the half kitchen. There's an emtpy box sitting on the floor next to the trash can. Granted there is a lid on the garbage can so there is an extra step in throwing things away. However, do people take that extra two seconds to discard items into the proper place? No. They let the box on the floor overflow until the lid of the paper box reveals itself, then it's on to that space. Customers came by last week, didn't they?? People, it's an office, not your home. Very unprofessional folks.


The word 'dirt hole' comes to mind. It's like walking into a restroom at a mexican restaurant after a Mr. guy-who-loves-mexicano-but-it-doesn't-sit-right-in-his-stomach walks out. eeee open da windows senoirita, it stinks in here!! It is unbelievable.

Individual Offices

Everyone's got a smoker working for them. We've had estimators and a million roofers who smoke and probably will continue to have smokers on our team. However, like anywhere else, there are rules that people have to abide by when working in a business like environment. Employee's for LaDuke Roofing have all generally complied to this rule (we've had some mishaps but not a significant amount), yet it's a different story for upstairs. Wasn't it like in the late 80's, early 90's that smoking was 'not acceptable' in the workplace? Look I'm sorry but take it outside dude. If it's cool in your house, go for it, you're not clouding some non-smoker's office---forcing them to breathe your exhale. Even though it's cold right now, it's so much better outside......that way if non-smokers want to join you in a conversation over a cigarette, they're not sucking in second hand smoke. Besides, isn't a smokey stick more satisfying in the cold?


How long do you think that taco has been sitting in that sink??

Little Garbage cans

No bags or places where we put things that are sticky and leaky.
(credit to JonJon's titles)


What someone actually sticky-noted on the side of a box: "Throw newspapers away, not box".......I wonder if they went though the dumpster one day, mumbling foul words under their breath, as they recover the box.

Secretary Ladies

They are whiney, therefore they should be fired. haha. I'm just kidding........they should be kicked out and then fired.*


I'm done ranting for the moment.

*I really don't have a big problem with those ladies. It just bugs me that they complain that I move their toys (to clean). I really don't know them that well so I'm gonna kick myself in the leg because I shouldn't say that about people I don't know and I have no opinion.

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