Sunday, January 27, 2002


I woke up this morning to the groans of my mother signing a 'cosign' application for next year. It was a little bothersome because I had an incredibly difficult time trying to fall asleep last night but it's my mom, so I made an effort to be in good spirits. After she scribbled down her information and kissed me on the cheek, she skipped downstairs at the sound of the dryer, buzzer, thing. I started to get annoyed with myself because I couldn't keep my eyes closed anymore, so I followed her. She was visiciously folding the laundry, so I asked her what's up. Ah, then she proceeds to tell me, with a piercing stare and foul language, what exactly was bothering her. It kills me every time she utters my brother's name and "is fucking up" in the same sentence.

I grabbed my keys, put all my shit for school in my truck and headed off to work. I figured since I was already up, I'll start my day... It took me a little over 3 hours to get everything done, which is pretty good considering the lack of sleep and the feeling of worry and disappointment I felt for my bro. So at about 4ish I jumped on 696 and made my way back here.

I got here at 6 and hung out over at Nopa&Cap's place till 7ish, went back to the dorms, then back to Nopa&Cap's to go out for some grub. When we get back, Nopa's like "dude what happened to your truck?" I look over and see my rear windshield wiper hanging for dear life by it's little cord. I was havin such a good day, laughing and foolin around and shit....... I couldn't help but picture my helpless wiper on CMU/WMU weekend way back when, when it was bent over backwards by some passerby. And now, my poor wiper has been beaten and broken. I looked up at the sky, after repairing lil' wiper with a mighty combination of duct tape and JD Weld stuff, and yelled "dude if I pissed anyone off I'm sorry!! Just quit messin with my wiper! Please?"

Eh. I guess my little red fire truck will be ok. She's been abused but she'll survive. I can't help but laugh now though. Hey at least they didn't take my ACU-VISION!! I love that stuff.

Ahhhhhh. And........i'm happy again. :-)

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