Wednesday, January 23, 2002

Ah Back to Normalcy

It feels fantastic to be back. After the hysteria I put myself through last week, this break from Kzoo was much desired. I was in high spirits when I got back to the airport, despite the hour delay in CO, the super quick release on my right ski which cost me a couple of bruises and a black eye, and the splendid soar calves and thighs. All of the mental anguish has dissipated and I’m happy once again. :)

Whenever I talk to HyprHypo, I feel better. Maybe it’s because he’s away and he’s out of the loop, maybe not, but he’s such a remarkable friend. It’s a marvelous feeling to be able to laugh and talk to someone who knows nothing about the world you live in. Not to say that it’s an entirely different world per se but it terms of problems and DRAMA, it’s great not to feel the need to talk stress and escape into space for a while.

I have an unquestionable soft spot for Steamboat, CO. The air out there is crisp and clear and the wind caresses your cheek like a lover’s touch. The smell of the fresh power, of the night before, streams into your nose engineering a placid and serene feeling that tingles from your head to your toes. The scenery is implausible; mountains in every direction, concealed in white. And when you finally reach the summit, laid out before you, is an endless sea of pallid peaks and snow covered valleys. To have rested my eyes upon such a great vision of our earth, I feel so lucky. I feel so alive.

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