Monday, January 28, 2002

Defenseman #14

Gravity overpowers the ball and it’s falling faster and faster to the ground. You see some chick in front of you following its path with her eyes, in anticipation. In that split second before she jumps to receive it, you think “it’s either me or her…..and it sure as hell isn’t gonna be her!” You sprint, knowing you’re only chance is to knock her out of the air, and she’ll never see it coming, so you brace yourself. Stride, stride, stride, and BAM!! You’re shoulder digs into her side and she crashes to the ground, folding in half with ill repute. You settle the ball on your chest and drop it comfortably to the earth. You roll forward, quickly accelerating to a dash down field. She looks up at you with pain and vehemence in her eyes……..

A. She pats her uniform, wipes her cheek, and covers her defenseman, redirecting all of her rage to the game. You begin to wonder what type of weapon she has or when she’ll launch an attack. You start to second-guess yourself; maybe she’ll take on my teammate in settling scores, maybe not. You gave her motivation, but you don’t know what kind. You feel challenged, now you begin to engage and immerse your intellect……whoa now that’s what you call a game.

B. She glares at you, anxiously awaiting her opportunity for retribution. When you finally handle the ball, you pass it off further up the field but she’s already fixed on her target. Her shoulder strikes you in arm and you tumble to the ground but you know how to ‘milk’ the assault. You stall as you pick yourself up off the field, and hesitate to stand when the lineman catches your eye. He raises the flag, the center runs to discuss the call, and then the center dubs the call a penalty. You hear her shouts of appeal but you continue to hit the nerve. You balance on your feet and seemingly ‘shake it off’. And with a slight grin on your face you run in to your position. You’ve tested her and she failed. You now see neither threat nor even an obstacle. She gave up.

For most of my life, I’ve been chick A; quietly subduing my own strength so as to utilize it more efficiently by diversifying it. This feature probably isn’t as prominent as some people might think because it’s more of a personal thing but it’s an attribute I just recently became conscious of. I’m trying to integrate A with a little B and so far I’ve been slightly successful……well, in terms of applying B to my homework. ;-)

So who do you think you are? Could you be A, B, or even the ‘you’ in the story? Hmmmm……………

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