Thursday, January 24, 2002

Est-ce que tu parlais francias aujourd-hui??

Nopa and I have spanish and french in Brown at the same time every day. And every day at 2:50 he yells at me for not making an effort to place out of the class. He persisted in telling me that in a week, I would find the class incredibly humdrum, and he was right.

The lowdown:
My Prof: She's french. She tells me that I can't take tests early cause I haven't learned all of the concepts and that I won't understand. After several attempts to reassure her that I know what I'm doing, she finally agrees to allow me to take the exam early however threatening that whatever grade I get, is what I get. I got a 96%.

Cheerleader Chick that sits on the other side of the room: "Hi look at my jeans. Aren't they cool guys?! Hey guys, listen to this! 'There was a strange burning smell coming from the dorm the other night...DPS was notified.' (some other classmate says "marijuana smell?") What?! No way. Really?! That's a little illegal. hahaha." This chick always has to be the loudest and first to answer every question --- with an american accent. Cheerleader girls confuse me. How are they so 'super happy' all the time?

Quiet Chick to the right of me: She always forgets a pen and her homework. I feel bad for her. She doesn't really get the language and she doesn't seem to care but I still feel bad when she's called on and she doesn't understand what madame is talking about.

Guy who sits in the back of the class: He comes into class late every day. He refused to answer Madame's question and she said "you goin to get a bad grade" (in a french accent) and he said "whatever sorry". It was one of those 'uhh this is awkward, I shouldn't be here right now' moments. I feel bad for that guy too, he just doesn't give a shit.

Guy who sits to the left of me: He seems cool but he shows off in front of Madame. I admit, I do it sometimes in front of other people in and outside of class, but he's insane. I think.......I think.....I'm part jealous cause he may very well know a lot more than I do in that class. Dah well, he's smarter than me, I'm over it. :-)

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