Friday, January 11, 2002

Eyes Wide

Give up. Cash out. That's it, you see this wall? Good, cause that's what I want you to stare at for the rest of the year. People hate you. They're out to use you. You don't own any protection programs. You can't stop people from hurting you. You're friends don't know. They're not out to support you. You're weak. You were strong but I beat you. I tore apart who you were and made you who you are now, a small worthless human being. From now on, you'll live alone and depressed.

Fuck you. Watch me live tomorrow. I will wake up every morning with a smile tattooed on my face if I have to. I'm strong. Friends care. Fuck you and your inclinations about my life. You think that I care when things don't go my way? That's life. As my teammates used to say just before the 90 minute mark: "suck it up bitch, the game's not over yet." So fuck you. I'm still here. I'm not throwing it all away for a few minor setbacks. I'm so solid and happy today.

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