Thursday, January 03, 2002


I’m thrilled for winter in Kzoo. I’ve been there once since the dumping but I’m really eager to go skiing and skating, as we had planned on earlier this year. I haven’t skied nor skated in a long while so it’ll be an interesting time.


I grew up a little, unruly tomboy with an inclination toward sports. I started playing soccer when I was 7, skied when I was 3, Varsity sports during high school including football my senior year and I not only canoed, camped and owned a snowmobile, but I’m also an XT rider. It’s funny when we go out to a place like Weber Lake to ride. After 60+ miles we arrive back into camp, I take off my helmet, let my hair fall to my shoulders and I still get double takes from our neighbors. Not so much anymore with skiing or soccer though. Lordy, I think it’s been 17 years this birthday that I’ve been skiing. I raced in high school at Alpine for two years, but since then it’s been a while since I’ve done it more than twice a year.

Steamboat, CO is so dazing. It’s awesome size makes the ski resorts in MI pale in comparison. You could be skiing on one side, WWIII could be transpiring on the other side of the mountain and there’s a good chance you wouldn’t know it was happening. It’s a hardcore, challenging and yet a tremendously family oriented resort; it’s fantastic. Even in the summer, they allow you use of the Gondola to take your mountain bikes for a long ride down the lowest peak of the mountain. I’m thinking about asking my dad if it were all possible, that a bunch of us could go out there during the summer when rent is cheap (we have a condo). It would be so great.

Castle in the Sky

Ah ok enough dreaming for me today. I’m ready to go out to lunch and eat premo food.


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