Friday, January 04, 2002


"Is there something more
than what I've been handed??
I've been crawling in the dark,
looking for an answer...."


My plan: Become Stephanie McMahon. Marry Triple H, get my job back in the company under Rick Flair, use Triple H to gain some sort of advantage over Vince so that he forfeits his authority to me and eventually drain Flair of his shares in WWF transferring them into my name to then which I’ll become the new co-owner and essentially the most powerful and influential woman in the industry.

And speaking of WWF, I was utterly dissatisfied with the performances on Smackdown last night. The opening tag team match contested the sizeable Dudley Boys against their clearly inferior half-brother Spike and Taz. I would, without doubt, declare that that particular match could very well be one of the worst I’ve seen in a long time. Compared to the match that faced Jericho/Angle vs. Edge/RVD, it was quite apparent that the Dudley Boys and Spike couldn’t execute a decent show in the ring together by any means. When I’m co-owner, there'll certainly be some changes. For instance, first on my agenda will be to fire Spike, Booker T and especially the Bossman. Ah and in regards to Jazz, the new chick that is also obviously lacking some serious acting skill, she doesn’t really seem to fit in the dysfunctional WWF family. However, she looks mean, therefore I kinda like her so she won’t be fired. RVD will face and beat Jericho for the WWF championship (yes the BIG one); the Rock and Austin will beat the tar out of Test and Angle; Big Show will send Undertaker to the hospital, and then beat him there for the Hardcore Championship; Lance Storm will be fired; Kane will get another outfit; Matt and Jeff Hardy will face the Dudley Boys for the Tag Team Title and win; Reagal will be fired; and lastly my husband, Triple H, will punish Vince McMahon in a cage match because I simply don’t like him.

Is that cool enough?


School tomorrow…… :-)

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