Thursday, February 14, 2002

Cloud 8.9

To quote the movie "Dazed and Confused": "Imagine how many people out there are fuckin. Just goin at it." Today is of course the most hated day among singles, Valentine's Day. Amost every year now, with the exception of '01, I've been without a special someone and it seems kinda sad. However, today, isn't that bad. I'm happy. I'm glad I'm not dating someone right now. I mean I'd love to be dating someone in the near future but I'm glad it's not right at this moment. I imagine my heart would've been broken today if I were but it's not and I'm happy. My last relationship ended a month ago and I'm over that. The one before that was a little more difficult, it ended in the midst of summer break........but hey, relationships are relationships, you'd like them to last forever but sometimes they don't. But anyway, I'm straying from my original point. I'm happy. My roommate is happy. There's got to be more people out there that are happy. Come on single people, be strong, be happy on Valentine's Day! Who needs someone special?! Be happy for yourself!!

P.S I've never been on a blind date.......I think I want to go on one. :-)

P.S.S Wait, scratch that last one....nah nevermind, I like puttin myself out there. :-)

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