Tuesday, February 05, 2002

Colorgenics...or....holy shit they are so right (I stole Nopa's title format)

You are a very sensitive person and you try hard - (perhaps a little too hard) - to make
favourable impressions and to be recognised by your peers... But you have that inherent need
to feel appreciated and admired. You are easily hurt if all of your endeavours go by
unappreciated or not acknowledged. stop trying so hard

You are totally dissatisfied with your present situation. Matters are not going right for you and
you are seeking a means of escape. Your mental state of mind necessitates that you need
to change your thinking patterns. Remember, if one particular modus operendi doesn't seem
to work then try something different ....

In spite of the fact that you believe that your hopes and ideas are realistic, It is hard for you to
accept that your needs and desires are misunderstood by almost everyone within your
sphere of influence...and there is no-one to turn to or rely on. Your pent-up emotions and
inherent egocentricity make you quick to take offence, but as matters stand you realise that
you will have to make the best of things as they are.

There is considerable amount of stress present in your life at this time and this is perhaps
due to some considerable mental and physical frustration... There are various physical needs
that are necessary for your well-being ... but whatever the reasons .. mostly of your own
making.. your needs are not being fulfilled .. We wonder why?You are under the impression
that nobody seems to care for you. This predicament is most uncomfortable and it is
because of this that you are experiencing far more stress than you feel you can cope with.
You need to find a soul mate. Someone who truly understands you and whose standards are
as high as your own. As matters stand you would like to break away from the vicious cycle
that you find yourself entrapped ... but this is easier said than done. You refuse to
compromise with your opinions and essentially you are unable to resolve the situation
because you are continually postponing the making of the necessary decision. You are
stubborn ... but this should be no deterrent experiencing a happy life .. You want to be liked
for yourself .. for the way you are. ..

Overwork ... be it mental stress ... or physical strain, you are completely worn out and this
depleted vitality has created an intolerance for any further stimulation. You feel disappointed
with your obvious lack of energy and powerless to do anything about it.You are angry with
yourself and this frustration shows. You are contradictory and argumentative and feel
helpless to change the situation at this time. Take a break ... even if it is only for a few days
... allow yourself to breath ... to unwind ... You'll feel much better for it... Then trust and let

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