Saturday, February 23, 2002

The Girl Cannot Catch a Break

First she runs out of gas on the way to Water Polo in the freezng/snowy weather and has to push her car up a hill and into a parking space reserved for the Hall Director (wearing the usual flip-flops). Second, she is so busy but works so hard to get shit done that she stays up until 7:30am one night to finish math homework only to sleep through her math class, getting a big 20% off cause it was late. Third, her clutch slips on her Mustang so bad that it's causing her enough worry to want to take it home for the weekend and borrow her stepmom's car. When we get to her house, her engine starts to smoke. [Fourth] And now, driving the Grand Cherokee to her Ohio tournament, she called this morning to ask if she had enough money in her account to replace a flat tire.

I'm so impressed. What a strong, independant woman I have for a roommate. She's so awesome. I think I'm gonna go to Meijer tonight and buy her some Mountain Dew......oh yea and take back all the bottles. Ohhhh, and I can straighten her desk, yea, and then clean this place........I so do not want to study.

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