Sunday, February 03, 2002

Heart of the Matter

I haven't heard from you in a while. I see you online but you're always away. I wish I could talk to you. I have a picture of you on my wall, it reminds me of that night I was so nervous I could barely speak, but I never let you know it. You remember the summer of '01? I only saw you a couple of times but god that was fun. Remember the lake at dusk? You always knew everything....bastard :-) I wish we could hang out and skrew around like we used to, before all this. It's been so long. It was really hard at first but I'm starting to understand; I'm starting to figure it out. But sometimes.........I miss you more than ever.

"I'm learnin to live without you now, but I miss ya sometimes.....I'm tryin to get down to the heart of the matter, but my will gets loose and my thoughts seem to scatter but I think it's about, forgiveness. Forgiveness, even if, you don't love me anymore." --Don Henly

Dedicated to Noloh

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