Monday, February 18, 2002

I knew it

"It is in our greatest interest to promote freedom. We have a choice today, we choose freedom or [terrorism], and those of us who love freedom will [protect and treasure] it. And it is our duty to convince others to choose freedom." -President George W. Bush (2/18/02 Speech)

1953-54. Eisenhower administration. The leader of Guatamala, Arbenz, was not a communist but was supported by communist interest groups. After gaining power, he seized private property, nationalizing all land within Guatamala. The United Fruit Company, which was an American owned enterprise, lost all of it's land and was compensated for nothing. Meanwhile, in the United States, the American public was convinced Communism in any part of the world, will not only threaten their civil liberties but their entire way of life (no trade, higher prices, international relations, ect). Eisenhower believed that Guatamala, through nationalizing the country, was tampering with American private properties and could be considered a developing Communist regim. Eisenhower deployed the CIA who then manuvered rivals of the Arbenz party in 1954 to kick him out of office. After stepping down, he was murdered.

Late 1950's. Batista, dictator of Cuba, was U.S friendly. During the cuban revolutions Fidel Castro, along with followers, pushed the Batista regim out of office. In 1959, Castro began to execute the remaining members of the Batista party and imposed harsh restrictions on Americans in Cuba (e.g. the American Embassay). In 1961, Castro nationalized, commandeering all U.S and other privately owned land with no compensation. The United States cut off relations with Cuba and refused to grant them recognizance. Castro by the end of 61 was ready to declare Cuba a Communist nation. Kennedy was inaugerated in the same year. He proceeded with Eisenhower's 'Alliance for Progress' plan, and sent 1200 CIA and Cuban American's to the Bay of Pigs to remove Castro from office. All 1200 were captured.

Are American politians able to tolerate any form of government besides a democracy? Was Communism a cloak to promote U.S interest? We had a hostage crisis in Iran in 1979 (oil embargo) that caused the 2nd worldwide energy crisis, an increase of inflation by 13% and an increase of unemployment by 7%. Prices of oil are fluxuating now, could 'the protection of freedom from terrorism' be the cloak to intiate a coup d'etat (change of gov't)? We did not support Seria during the Israeli/Arab wars from terrorism, or any other middle eastern country with such power until recently, why must we convince them "freedom is the key" all of a sudden? U.S Political leaders successfully conviced the majority of American's that communism was a disease, is that possible with terrorism? Did you know about the 50 some shark attacks in FL before this past year - that it was a big problem on FL beaches even though the stats haven't significantly changed in the last few years? why do you think that is and could it be related to what's happening now? Or could it all be just a madman with the desire to kill innocent people? ....................

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