Wednesday, February 06, 2002

Is there a light in here?

I don’t consider myself a smart chick by any means. I’m not a virtuoso or brilliant scholar. And I’m not a bright individual with some exceptional talent. I’m ambitious. I work relentlessly for whatever knowledge I seem to have. I put from 3 to 8, or even 15 hours in to exams, quizzes, and basically anything else I can get my pen on. On most occasions, the exertions pay off, however there are times that 15 hours doesn’t seem like nearly enough time.

I got two exams back today. Both were complete disappointments. I go to class, I take notes, I do everything short of writing dissertations on each topic I was assigned to study; yet the grades reflect poor attendance and lack of work ethic. Two grades are not going to kill me; I understand that much, but it just frustrates me to some degree to receive such marks after working so hard.

I guess what it all comes down to, is that I have to put in more time. No big deal I guess. I’m not REALLY worried about it, at least not right now. But god I hope there’s still a chance this day will get a little better, or maybe it could just end on a good note. Peace.

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