Friday, March 29, 2002

One Hundred and Sixty Five

This is my 165th post to this website. I intended to make it special but it doesn't look like it's turning out that way does it? Also, if you add all of the posts from all of the other sites, such as ThreePimps, JacksQuotes, and LavernnShirley, this is my 305th post. :-) Cool.

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happpppyy birrrrrttthhhdaaay to LINDS, happy birthday to you! Only 12 more months to go! :-)

Thursday, March 28, 2002

Eyes wide shut

Clever. I can't say that I saw that one comin. But it's there. It's a magnificently decorated mask and it's hard to decipher amongst the others sometimes, but it always shows it's true, infectious colors. It's like an infusing alternative realism existing within this orb of normalcy and it's cloaked. Deception is the game though. For the time being, this small will of an antidote will have to suffice.
The email I was talking about last night

Dr. K,

I am concerned with the creditability of question #10 on form B. The question reads as follows(as memory serves):

Of which may jail be a result?
a. felonies and misdemeanors
b. criminal misdemeanors
c. violations
d. all the above

First, felonies and misdemeanors are criminal charges therefore can only be charged in a criminal court. Because the sentence for a misdemeanor and a felony can be jail/prison (i.e potentially revoking the right of life, liberty and the pursuit ect.), the charges can only be brought in a criminal/trial court where the conviction is based on 'beyond reasonable doubt'. Second, because of the inherent criminality of the two charges, b. is superfluous. Third, c. violations is a rather broad term and COULD result in jail time however it depends on what specific violations are in query. In the case of parole or probation violations, the consequence may be prison, yet in the case of a violation of student code, university code, or even some traffic violations have virtually no possibility of serving a jail/prison sentence if one exists at all. Furthermore, there is no 'right' answer to this question. It could be argued that d. is the correct answer and it also could be argued that a. is the correct answer. Either way, the question, in one student's opinion, lacks credibility and merit and should be erased from the content of the exam. Thank you.

Jacqueline LaDuke

I'm still waiting on a response so hopefully soon I'll be able to see if my efforts paid off.

Wednesday, March 27, 2002

My roommate

When Bum has a good day, my participation in our conversations is limited to "yea" and "uh huh". Interesting.

Tuesday, March 26, 2002

walked around my room
not thinking
sinking in this box
i blame myself for being too much like somebody else
i never thought i would've been this way
then a phone call made me realize im wrong,

if I don't make it
know that I loved you all along

Monday, March 25, 2002


He likes to watch me type. He sits on my desk, with his nose on the keyboard and he stares. :-) He's so cute. He's helping me today. He's my little incarnate of peace. :-)
I have a big COCK

:::snickering::: Sparky and I are having a generosity war! It all started at the OP last Thursday, when she bought me a labeled glass and covered my bill. So in return, I got her moo cow, which SOME INSENSITIVE PEOPLE violated!! Then, tonight after dinner, she gave me a 'Old McDonalds Farm : comfy pillow' Rooster. He has two names: Rudy the Rooster and Corky the Cock. So.....Miss purchaser of cock--- you may have won the 'who's got the funnier stuffed animal' battle have not yet won the war!!!!!!!!


I had a bad day the yesterday.

Saturday, March 23, 2002

Bestest Roommate in the world

So the greatest roommate in the world, Bum, decided at 2am that I needed a hot pad thing so that I could increase the blood flow in my cheek so that I could sleep for more than 2 hours straight. She went to Meijer at 2am. SHE WENT TO MEIJER AT 2am. She got a hot pad thing, brought it back and I could sleep for 3 hours! YOU ARE SO THE BESTEST ROOMMATE EVER BUM!!!!

Friday, March 22, 2002


Hour by hour. Minute by minute. Second by second.

Thursday, March 21, 2002


From intervals of Percocet and 600mg tablets of Ibuprofen, to a timely rotation of Penicillin and Vicoden, I'm feeling a hell of a lot better, emotionally. Physically, I can honestly say, I've had better days ---- like, playing soccer in the pouring rain at 30 degrees or getting cranked in the thigh with a frozen ball or falling off a motorcycle into a tree at 40mph OR snapping my left leg in half with my right ski, on a rope tow an hour away from the closest hospital.

THE DIGRESSION: I went home wed night for an early thurs appointment. When I got to my appointment this morning, the doctor took about 35 minutes running his fingers through the back of my mouth, putting metal objects against my cheek, irrigating my wounds, shoving a rather large piece of gauze into one socket, sticking a thermominomomitor in my ear, twice, and then proceeding to tell me that he doesn't know if I have a dry socket, an infection, or just incredibly sore cheek muscles. At that point, I think I was about to cry.

So, I'm feeling a little better. I got to miss French, which just about made my day. Oh! And I got to download Vanessa Carlton's "A Thousand Miles". It's a good tune. Anyway, with a little hope, a little more strength, and a jagged little pill, I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Peace.


Wednesday, March 20, 2002


Have you ever been slapped in the side of the face, from your ear to your nose? Have you ever had a sample of blood drawn from the tip of your finger?! If you combine that surface sting of a slap and a needle shoved into the tip of your finger, only you feel this combo in your cheek and you repeat it about every two-three know somewhat of the pain I'm experiencing right now. But wait, here's the good part, I'm taking an average of about 2000mg of Ibuprofen a day (that's about 10 tabs).

I'm going home for the night. Be back tomorrow sometime.

Tuesday, March 19, 2002

Mr. Gimpy Mc Bad Shoulder

I'm thrilled to see him again. We've had a rough past to say the least but through everything, we're still really good friends. I love that. It's like with all the others that have come and gone, he's the only ex who I can laugh and hang out with. It's not weird. It's not suspect. It's not anything and it's awesome. For example, last night, while talking on AIM, I wrote "Dude I am so hungry" and he says "Hey come get me and we'll get something to eat....come on, you're my only excuse not to study. :-)" It was funny cause I was tempted......except it was 1:30am and MSU is an hour away. He's so funny, but he's the type of person not to realize that he's frickin hilarious so it makes him even more frickin funny. HA! Anyway, MT, if you're reading this---I know we were hardly the ideal couple but you're one of my really good friends......I can't wait to see you this weekend. :-)

Chi Town

I think I love the Virgin Records store in Chicago. I walked into the Electronica Section of the store and almost fell over. They had imports of PVD, Frankie Knuckles, Carl Cox, Liquid, Kings of Tomorrow, Afterlife, Energy, Deeper and Deep Dish.....not to mention the Trance/ProgTrip music. I bought double sets of Deeper (deep house) and Deep Dish (progressive) ---- All four are so dope dude, it's so great. My only regret is not looking for K Hand; you can't find her anywhere.

Ditka's was quality. Bum and Cap experienced the Crab Cakes, which I don't think they dug very much, but Jess and I were all over em. THEN, oh good god, I had the whitefish. The taste cannot be justified properly with words, it was that DAMN GOOD. We finished off with a good cigar while our trippy waiter told us about raves in Grand Rapids. Ah and the drive home was quite pleasant as we screamed at each other (playfully) in Brooklyn/Jersy/Boston type accents for the first hour then Bum passed out and everyone got quiet.

All in all it was a good weekend. Well, maybe not for the guy that got arrested for felonious assault in the riot on Friday night. Or maybe for the guy that has to sit in his dorm/house/apartment for the next couple of weeks cause his picture in the Western Herald shows him stuffing a lighted tee shirt into a gas tank. Or maybe for the guy who hurled his front door into the fire; now he has to cover the doorway using duct tape and a large piece of plastic. Dah well. I wish them luck. Peace homies. :)

Sunday, March 17, 2002


I am hating our refigerator right now. It's so frickin loud. It's great that it was free, it's great that we have a freezer, but for the love of god, can someone make this thing shut up?!!!!
Umm yea thanks a bunch Robbie.....

Yea definitly feelin "ooohhweee" today, again. After the Question Book, yea totally feelin that song. Son of a bitch.

Thursday, March 14, 2002

Today's Mood

Master P : "Oooohhwweee"

Wednesday, March 13, 2002

The Completely Pointless Personality Quiz
The Completely Pointless Personality Quiz

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Tuesday, March 12, 2002


Monday, March 11, 2002

Thanks to you, I'm here

I was thinking about all of you today. I don't think I've ever felt so loved. It occured to me this afternoon, as I drifted off to sleep, that when I shut you out, when I bum around alone, when I complain that no one knows or understands how I feel, or when I feel like I have a right to be a bitch, I am, in theory, slapping you in the face. Any one of those acts displays my utter disregard to your concern and care for me and that I neither trust nor care that you might have gone through or are going through similar problems. Like I consider your hurtles in life to be relatively small compared to mine, like you haven't a clue what issues are. It never occured to me before that the way I act (if I'm down or irritated or depressed ect.), could hurt the people I care about. I guess I didn't fully realize why we have friends in our lives. I didn't see that we're all there to support and grow with one another. The question that raced through my brain as I closed my eyes: "Did I tell my friends today that I love em?"

So...I'm going to pledge to all of you that I'm going to make a dilligent effort to be more open. My book is going public :) I'm not going to keep you in the dark, I'm going to try to give you a chance to understand. I want you to know you're a part of my life and I care about your opinion. I love you guys.


Sunday, March 10, 2002


I got 6 teeth taken out of my head. It's been five days and the pain still comes. I have drugs. I feel so happy. I have random dreams now. I hate not being able to eat real food, I'm so hungry.

---> My apologizes for the incoherent post, I was staring at the screen and nothing else seemed to work.

Tuesday, March 05, 2002

Roofing Kids

I came into work yesterday and everyone noticed my new hair color. All of 'em said it looked nice but two of 'em took it a little too far. They have this nickname for me now.....they walk into the room and go "hey red! Hey so if people ask you why we call you red, you can say 'it's not cause of my hair, it's cause I read a book once'." Ok, that's cute was funny the FIRST TIME you told me that. I work with LAME OLD MEN! :-)

I went to the doctor yesterday and I can't say I'm excited about my surgery tomorrow. They made me watch this sick video on how to handle extractions, and then told me "there's a 2---3% chance I might not ever get feeling back in my cheek/lips/tongue", and then they said that my upper widoms are close to my sinus cavity so that after the surgery I'm not supposed to sneeze or blow my nose really hard cause then I might make a crack in the cavity, and then they said that my bottom wisdoms' roots are grazing the nerve that runs through one's jaw, AND THEN.......I'm scared. No really. I'm shaking. I'm trying to drink my warm, nice, sweet coffee and I can't cause I'm nervous. Maybe I'll be better this afternoon......Talk to you later.

Monday, March 04, 2002


Did I mention that I sliced my thumb with a very sharp knife on Saturday morning? Ouch. It hurts. I wrapped it up good but it still hurts. :-(

I watched John Q last night with Sobe and Rox419. It was an excellent movie, but I would not recommend watching it with your girlfriends. At one point, I looked over at Rox419 and Sobe, drenched with tears, and I couldn't stop laughing. I don't know, I guess I found it hilarious that we were all crying because of a movie........oh btw, it's so so so weird to cry and laugh at the same time. :-)

I'm at work right now. Eh. Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I have two more days until my surgery. Before I left last night, Rox419 told me it was the worst pain ever. Ok, can the world freak me out anymore??!!

Sunday, March 03, 2002

Soooooo fun.

Ah and the story for all you folks who couldn't make it out this weekend.............

FRIDAY: The day started out kinda funny. Bum and I packed and headed out the door at around 3. We stopped over at Cap and Nopa's place to pick up a birthday surprise for Cap's dad, pick up Yerty, and set our plans in stone for the next few hours. At about 4ish, we all took off towards Detroit, with the exception of Nopa who waited for his car to be ready. We got to my house around 6, talked to my parents for an hour, I changed, then we headed to Cap's uncle's house. Bum and I walked in and our jaws dropped. His uncle has such a cool place. Anyway, so after dropping our stuff off and getting ready, the four of us went out to Leo's for dinner. We caught up with Nopa back at the house around 9, then drove out to Windsor. We got to Pepper's first. I love that place. It's a two story club, with a dance floor in the center of the ground floor and a balcony surrounding it. The DJ spins anything from "You shook me all night long" to "Humpty Dance" to even "Billie Jean", it's great. We were chillin at a table next to a window when Sobe and Jellybeem show up....I was SOOO surprised! I was sooo happy they made it out! We waited for a minute for them to come in, but they waved to us that it would take them a while so we met them outside. We headed over to Ardvark's Blues Cafe, which was without a doubt, a very cool place. We ordered pitchers upon pitchers of LaBat Blue, toasted with tall shots between the 7 of us and three other guys we met, danced, made a ruckus but spent quite a bit of money so they let us stay, Jackie,Bum and Sobe were hammered, we met some cool Albion folk and overall just had a freakin blast.
We left the cafe at last call, stumbling off to the van two blocks away. We get through the tunnel and into a line for custom's. All of our ID's were out and ready before hand, so those of us in the back kinda nodded off. I guess the Custom's agent peeked inside the back of the van and noticed we were all out, so he didn't ask any questions and just let us go. We get back to the house, Bum passes out on the couch, I was starting to sober up but gettin tired in the process, Nopa whips out the guitar, Jellybeem, Sobe and Yerty we're all watching I think, and Ry was....was.....what were you doing Ry?

Saturday: We all woke up, in odd but comfortable places in the house the next morning, to the sound of Ry's parents talking in the kitchen. They brought us bagels and cream cheese!!! How cute are they?! We kinda bummed around until 3, went to National for lunch, got shitty service, talked about how we all loved OUR SOCKS IN THE MORNING (hahahha) and then we all split up around 4.

So that's my story. I'm sure there's more to it, but those stories are funnier in person. :-) Later!

P.S --Ry, you remember how you wanted my dad to hook you up with the "strong" Manhatten? Yea, he wanted to but you were driving and if he offered one to you, then he'd have to offer one to the underagers. :-) He said that he'd make you one if he stops by Kzoo sometime.

Friday, March 01, 2002

I....I....I'm about to cry :-)

I think I have the bestest friends ever. For the first time ever, someone has planned a "surprise" bday for me. Wow. We celebrated at the OP tonight (feb 28) and I had the best time ever. My uncle and cousin are comin up tomorrow to visit the campus, we're going to Canada for my "surprise" :-), I think I did well on my cannot get any better. I love you all. :-)