Tuesday, March 19, 2002

Chi Town

I think I love the Virgin Records store in Chicago. I walked into the Electronica Section of the store and almost fell over. They had imports of PVD, Frankie Knuckles, Carl Cox, Liquid, Kings of Tomorrow, Afterlife, Energy, Deeper and Deep Dish.....not to mention the Trance/ProgTrip music. I bought double sets of Deeper (deep house) and Deep Dish (progressive) ---- All four are so dope dude, it's so great. My only regret is not looking for K Hand; you can't find her anywhere.

Ditka's was quality. Bum and Cap experienced the Crab Cakes, which I don't think they dug very much, but Jess and I were all over em. THEN, oh good god, I had the whitefish. The taste cannot be justified properly with words, it was that DAMN GOOD. We finished off with a good cigar while our trippy waiter told us about raves in Grand Rapids. Ah and the drive home was quite pleasant as we screamed at each other (playfully) in Brooklyn/Jersy/Boston type accents for the first hour then Bum passed out and everyone got quiet.

All in all it was a good weekend. Well, maybe not for the guy that got arrested for felonious assault in the riot on Friday night. Or maybe for the guy that has to sit in his dorm/house/apartment for the next couple of weeks cause his picture in the Western Herald shows him stuffing a lighted tee shirt into a gas tank. Or maybe for the guy who hurled his front door into the fire; now he has to cover the doorway using duct tape and a large piece of plastic. Dah well. I wish them luck. Peace homies. :)

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