Tuesday, March 19, 2002

Mr. Gimpy Mc Bad Shoulder

I'm thrilled to see him again. We've had a rough past to say the least but through everything, we're still really good friends. I love that. It's like with all the others that have come and gone, he's the only ex who I can laugh and hang out with. It's not weird. It's not suspect. It's not anything and it's awesome. For example, last night, while talking on AIM, I wrote "Dude I am so hungry" and he says "Hey come get me and we'll get something to eat....come on, you're my only excuse not to study. :-)" It was funny cause I was tempted......except it was 1:30am and MSU is an hour away. He's so funny, but he's the type of person not to realize that he's frickin hilarious so it makes him even more frickin funny. HA! Anyway, MT, if you're reading this---I know we were hardly the ideal couple but you're one of my really good friends......I can't wait to see you this weekend. :-)


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