Tuesday, April 30, 2002


I am in the office right now and there's no one here. They're all out on jobsites. I wish I could go to a jobsite. Ooo! I could go to a website though! I think I'm gonna teach myself about engines....yea engines. Oh my, if someone doesn't get back here soon, I'm gonna go crazy.

Ah! Welcome mom! This is sad. Not only do I live with my parents, but I also work in the same building. Don't get me wrong, I love my parents and I love the guys I work with, but I can't move back here next summer. It was like deja vu last night when Chris came over. We did the SAME THING we did almost every night of last year's break; we drove around for two hours. I can't take it. The only thing that's getting me through today is knowing that I have to go Kzoo on Friday, next weekend I have to work, the 18th I'm goin biking at Tomahawk (in Mio), then Memorial Day weekend (the 25th) is DEMF!!!!!!! <---I have waited all year for this! Hopefully, the weekend after that, I can take a weekend course for an endorsment and then maybe it'll be warm the weekend of the 8th (of June) and I can take the waverunner's out. Sometime I'd like to go camping with a crew, visit PW, hang out with Cap/Sobe/Rox419/HotLinds/HyprHypo, go bikin at least 4 times, buy things for my house, flush the trans in my truck, buy a couch for JoeD and store it at Kings, find out what law school I can possibly get into, go to BlissFest(sp?) with my roommate, find a way to get out of debt, find out if I can work as a TA next year for CJ, make some nice bank, and try to keep busy and out of trouble. So this summer, I'm praying, won't be a total drag.

For my Roommate

Awwwweee, roommate, I miss our stairs....I miss sitting with you, trying to convince ourselves that if we just make it to OP night, it'll all be ok! Grrr, IT'S ONLY BEEN 2 DAYS!

Dah! Monday (May) and Tuesday (June) are gonna be tough but we have to make it to OP night on Wednesday (July). After OP, the week is virtually over!

Monday, April 29, 2002

Oh wow.

I'm short and plastic. I have a red mullet (business in the front - party in the back YEA!) and I'm smiling. I'm wearing a superman shirt with a blue cape, a black skirt, black shoes, and black fishnet stockings. My left arm has a cross tatooed on the shoulder. I've got a rose in my right hand and a whip in my left. Make a mini-me!!

Friday, April 26, 2002

I made it to someone elses blog!!! I made it!!! I made it!!!! WWWWAAAAAHHHHOOOOOOOOOOO! I'm so excited!

Thursday, April 25, 2002

Where's your head attttt?! Where's your head at??!! Don't let the walls cave in on you! Get what you give that much is true!! Where's your head atatttatt?!

Wednesday, April 24, 2002

I almost had a heart attack today after my 5 oclock final....I thought that my exam that's scheduled for tomorrow morning at 10 was today at 10 and I missed it. When I got back at 5:30, I went right to my prof's website and found out that it is in fact tomorrow at 10. Whew. I was so worried. I am such a dork. :-)
Some people just freak me out

Q: Would you allow a mentally ill street person who speaks to himself in loud voices to sit on the front row during Sunday services?
A: No! Unsaved are NOT welcome!

Q: Would you allow Michael Jackson to serve as a counselor for your church's summer camp for boys?
A: No! Unsaved are NOT welcome!

Q: Would you allow O.J. Simpson anywhere in your church?
A: No! Unsaved are NOT welcome!

Q: Would you allow an AIDS-infected homo with lesions to sit in the pew next to your child with a cold?
A: No! Unsaved are NOT welcome!

Q: Would you allow an illegal alien who hasn't bathed in weeks to sit in front of you during services?
A: No! Unsaved are NOT welcome!

Now, we hope your ignorant minds are finally satisfied with the truth. If you have read this article and you are unsaved, kindly SHOO!

We believe that when a person first gets saved, the first thing they should do is buy a suit and a tie. If the individual is a female, then a dress not raised over an inch above the knee is acceptable. Clothing is perhaps the most important thing about being a Christian. If one is not properly clothed and fully representative of what God would want them to appear like.. well then, that person is probably not saved. Our motto is "get saved, get to a Christian Clothing store, and get fitted for the kingdom." Anyone who does not conform to the dress code at Landover Baptist will be fined no less than $300.00 a violation. It is a privilege to be a Christian and we believe that it is about time folks started acting like it!

Landover Baptist Creation Scientist, Dr. Fred Neiman, announced findings related to his research into the female soul early this week. "The absence of either salvation or condemnation for women finds extensive support in the Word of God." He reported. "Jesus said that the sole reason God created women in the first place was to provide company and service to men (1 Corinthians 11:9), God determined that men would be lonely living alone, so he created women purely to keep men company and serve their needs (Genesis 2:18-22). Women are therefore completely subordinate to men (1 Corinthians 11:3). It stands to reason, though, that once men enter the Kingdom of Heaven, they will be one with God, and will no longer be lonely and in need of mortal companionship. Thus, the reason behind having women will no longer exist. Women, like the members of the animal kingdom, will fall by the wayside."
Dr. Neiman went on to say that, "once men reunite with their maker, they will no longer be burdened with the care of women. After all, women were inferior creations from the start. Women are fond of self-indulgence (Isaiah 32:9-11). They are silly and easily led into error (2 Timothy 3:6). They are subtle and deceitful (Proverbs 7:10; Ecclesiastes 7:26). They are zealous in promoting superstition and idolatry (Jeremiah 7:18; Ezekiel 13:17, 23). And they are active in instigating to iniquity (Numbers 31:15-16; 1 Kings 21:25; Nehemiah 13:26). It was the inherent weakness of women that led them to be deceived by Satan (Genesis 3:1-6; 2 Corinthians 11:3; 1 Timothy 2:14). Consequently, women were cursed from the start (Genesis 3:16). There is simply no room in heaven for such flawed and inadequate beings."

Pastor Deacon Fred warned the congregation that there was no reason to be alarmed. "Dr. Neiman's conclusions still need to be formalized," he assured. "I am certain that our team of religious experts will find some way around these Scriptures." Some of the women present were visibly shaken by the report. A teary eyed Sister Taffy Crockett said through choked sobs, "I've heard of colored women not having souls... but me? NO! This is outrageous!"

Landover Baptist Chruch

my keyboard is warm. my fingers are resting on a s d f j k l ; . my right forearm is situated on the desk; my left is airborn. right elbow pushes my shoulder close to my neck; left rests on my knee. legs are crossed with both feet tucked under each ankle. right outer thigh is touching the arm of the chair; left is touching the other arm. ear phones on my head and the wire is hanging from my left ear leading under the red DCSHOECOMPANY sweatshirt to the plug in my computer. my back is curved to the left and my head is tilted slightly to the right. curles tied behind my head, face looks worn and tired, and my eyes reflect the monitor. Black magic woman pours out of the headphones; smooth grooves. eye lids getting heavier. carlos santana. back aches. carlos santana. cccccaaaaaarrrrrlllooosssss............

Tuesday, April 23, 2002

"He knows just what to do
When it comes to the girls
He writes them poetry
And he picks them flowers
He knows just what to say
When it comes to the ladies
Knows how to make a girl smile
How to drive a girl crazy"
-MXPX "Chick Magnet"
April 22-26

Ahhh . . . you would like to get away from it all, wouldn't you, dear Pisces? Appealing as the idea of escape is, it is only by staying put that you will be able to resolve the personal entanglements you've gotten yourself into. If you think that moving to another country or to a different planet will put things right, you are dead wrong. You cannot escape who you are. What you have to change is not
your location, but your attitude!

DAMN IT. I wanted to move to Canada. They don't have finals, do they? ;)
"what's wrong with you?"

It may have been hard to tell that my anxiety level, in the hours before my exam today, shot through the roof....I was shaking in the chair as I was writing out my essays. My head is really not on straight at all right now. I can't concentrate. I think I need to lay down:-(

Monday, April 22, 2002

finals, what a drag

Sunday, April 21, 2002

just wanted to tell you how good it feels when you look at me that way
John Mayer : "83"

"Here I stand
6 feet small
and smiling cause
I'm scared as hell
kind of like my life
is like a sequel to a movie
where the actor's names have changed
oh well

well these days
I wish I was 6 again
Oh make me a red cape
I wanna be Superman"

Saturday, April 20, 2002


When I grow up, I'm gonna be a country-but-not-really girl. I'm gonna buy a house out in Cadillac and work on cases. Every other weekend, you'll find me either riding on the MCCCT's just north of the city, cruising around town on my street rocket, drivin my Diesel, heavy duty, black pickup, lookin for DNR trails with my sled(snowmobile) in the back, at the Yamaha dealership looker for parts for my 2-stroke (ha as if I can even handle a 2 stroke but whatever :-) ), going back to the Yamaha shop for a new visor, in the hospital for off road related injury :-) , or just chillin out at my house on my big giant leather couch. I'll probably be busy within the first couple of weeks trying to adjust to law life but oooohhhhh it's gonna be sooooo great!!!! :-)

Friday, April 19, 2002

For My “sister”

The following post is for a friend of a friend:

Occasionally things don’t work out. Life is filled with discontent, disappointment and defeat. And at times, it’s unavoidable. Ok, I understand that, shit happens but how do you deal with it?

Option A: You can acknowledge that and move on. And even though there’s a part of you that wishes things went your way, you tolerate it with modesty and maturity.

Option B: You can bleat about life and how it’s dealt you such shitty cards. You can disrepute decisions people have made and press issues after the fact. You resort to guilt trips and tasteless gestures in hopes that that decision will be repealed.

Please don’t choose Option B. Don’t make an ass of yourself, please?

On a happier note, someone told me tonight that they're up to the "challenge". I couldn't be more happy. :-)

Wednesday, April 17, 2002


PC, thank you for an amazing night, you are phenomenal :-) Where did you come from?!!!

Tuesday, April 16, 2002

Life ain't nothin but a funny funny riddle

Ohhhhh. Must download the song of the day. John Denver "Country Boy" Muahahahhahahhahahah!!!!

What a day. (Nonpoint) I'm not really in the mood to hang out in the sun though, it's too hot. Why can't it be night out? I love it when it's warm after dark. Anyway, I'm rambling. I'll write somin better later.

Monday, April 15, 2002

All I Need Is One Mic

What’s wrong with you? Why can’t you listen to reason? Is it that you can’t see it? It’s there, I promise you. I saw it. I love you. Don’t do this. Please. You know I’ve protected you in the past, I always chose you over anyone, but don’t do this. You want me to take your heat, save you from the pain, make sure the lies smooth you over. I don’t know if I can do it this time. I don’t know if I can fall with you. I listened to you and him fighting once. I know what you said about me. I remember you and that apathetic smile, as if bringing me with you was a given. I don’t know if I can be on the defense anymore. What have I ever asked of you? So you see the scales are tipped unjustly? I love you. I want you to be here, at school, studying with me, shaping our futures together. Don’t do this.

Dear brother,

I can take pain the your gonna give out……..but I can’t take your responsibility, not anymore.


Sunday, April 14, 2002

Days like this

I am situated in front of my screen at the moment, gazing at a snap shot. A silhouette of Sobe, resting on the river rails, eyes fixed on Detroit. I remember catching the moment. I wanted to infuse the tranquility of the water and the lax sunset into a salient but not overbearing overtone. And the caress of the industrial background, I thought, provided a touch of irony but virtually undetected. That’s today.

I have a photo of the impression of a child’s foot in sand. A blue-gray shadow is cast over the toes from his father’s imprint. Side by side, hand in hand, they walked into the sun, bearing two vivid, handsome smiles. When they reached a bundle of towels, the father lifted his son above his head, grinned, and placed him on his chest. That’s today.

Woke up to a pair of charming blue-green eyes. Strolled out of bed at 2:30 this afternoon. Walked outside later with my roommate and warmed my shoulders in the sun. Vanessa Carlton streamed through my head as I phased in and out of a conversation. That’s today.

What an unprecedented, gorgeous day. Time to bask in its splendor. Smiles. :-)

Saturday, April 13, 2002

I think I'm gonna come up with somin good to write about.......later :-)

Thursday, April 11, 2002

9 oclock
home alone
paging you
wishin you'd come over
my place
after work
let me know :-)

-Genuwine "So Anxious"

Wow. I.....wow. I am on cloud 9! It's not fair that I've been here for two years and I've only just met you. Wow. I'm lost for words. :-)

Wednesday, April 10, 2002

My Wonderful Corrections Professor

Scene: We're discussing drug laws. I fell alseep for five minutes and I wake up. 10 mintues later I hear this come from my professor's mouth:

Corrections Prof: "Have you seen that commercial, the one similar to the Visa commercials, like '40 Guns $400'? It's like their trying to make weed users feel bad. (Jokingly) Yea weed smokers are in theory terrorists. (Looks at the class) It's all your fault! Yoooooooooouuu druggies."

We are all reminded of the survey of our class taken a few weeks ago, that said that 90+ percent of our class has done drugs.

Corrections Prof 20 minutes later: "I'm gonna give you a little demonstration. Here's my stash box." The class chuckles. The professor continues to read an article on an odd case. "Here's 1/8th of crack---otherwise known as an '8 ball' to you partiers. He got 63 years for this." The class is wide-eyed. "Oh it's altoids, yooooouuuu druggies."

Tuesday, April 09, 2002

Bum Bum Bum... or .. NO MORE 7th HEAVEN!!

::::after Lucy does her cheerleading thing and Mary watches:::::

scene: in Mary's room. Mary and Lucy are talking.

Mary: You did great this afternoon Lucy.
Lucy: really? thanks.
Mary: and I gotta little present for you. (hands lucy a bag with a ribbon on it)
Mary: you're welcome.

Bum, I'm sorry but you need to stop watching the wholesome shows.

Monday, April 08, 2002

You are 85 PROOF

I guess I'm 85 proof.
New Favy

Ok. New Favorite band for the week=Funktelligence. Rarrrr. Sooo good.
Sometimes I just have to stop and look around

Did I ever tell you this story? Only few know, however in the interest of my friendly, loyal readers, I must share. However, I must be rather vague so as not to incriminate myself entirely. :(

One evening, after playing tetherball , I was feeling a little rebellious. My parents were on vacation, it was the weekend, and I since had nothing planned for Saturday , my friend and I decided to be a little mischievous. Our friends had cancelled their party so we were left with time to kill and no place to go. I knew that Lucy was supposed to be watching our house/the kids for that entire weekend, so theoretically, Lucy's house was fair game, right?

We were sitting at the kitchen table, drinking Mountain Dew , snickering at the fact that Lucy has no idea that a couple hundred people are chillin in her house at that moment. As time runs out the door, along with the other hundred people after 12 am , my friend and I realize that we need to be back at house within a half hour . We get there and knowing full well that I wasn't allowed to have friends stay the night without my parents' presence, I shoved my buddy into my closet, where she stayed until Lucy was no longer a threat. We had a close call though, Lucy came in once to socialize for a few minutes but I had the situation under control.....I stood in front of the closet doors. :)

After Lucy left for work at 7am, we were in the clear. That was comparably, one of the biggest adrenaline rushes I've ever experienced. Whew, I'm finding it quite difficult to contain myself right now; I have this burst of nervous, 'Icouldhavegotteninsomuchtrouble' laughter waiting at the back of my throat. ehhh.

teehee. wait. no laughing. teehee. NO! :-)

Sunday, April 07, 2002

The 5-7

:::::Borrowing a blog from HotLinds:::::::

6 - times Bum and I went to the hospital within the past month
39- number of people in my address book
45- the number of people in my address book before I deleted old names
4702 - the date today
2 - the hour we lost last night
7- number of beers I had last night
4 - beers friday night
2 - shots of tequila friday night
32 - days since the first strike of bad luck
20 - days of taking lots of pills
400 - (approximately) pills taken in the course of one month
2 - number of classes Bum is not happy with (to say the least)
1- class jack does NOT like at all (stupid french)
478,354 - times I said " whoa I can't believe that happened"
478,354 - times I wondered if I am who I am
1 - paper due tomorrow
3 - weeks left --including exams-- till sophomore year is over
20 - credits I have for fall semester

oh and there's more.........

MSU guy--this is for real

Jduke1551: oooooh superman
fairman4msu: Hey there, what's your name?
Jduke1551: jen jackie roxanne karin lindsay
fairman4msu: Do you need to be saved?
Jduke1551: i'm on the top of a burning building!
fairman4msu: Sigh, if only my tights weren't at the dry cleaners.
Jduke1551: lol
Jduke1551: try woolite next time
fairman4msu: Besides, Clark Kent has to go to the Daily Planet pretty soon.
fairman4msu: I'll keep that in mind.
fairman4msu: So, should I call you Jen, Jackie, Roxanne, Karin, or Lindsay?
Jduke1551: what kind of superman doesn't come to the aid of 5 damsels in distress?!
Jduke1551: we'll have to call for Batman
fairman4msu: Five!? I thought you just had a freakishly long name. Let me find my backup uniform. ;-)
Jduke1551: lol
fairman4msu: Where's this burning building again?
Jduke1551: kalamazoo!
Jduke1551: hurry!
fairman4msu: Sorry, but Kalamazoo's Batman's turf. I pretty much stick to East Lansing and Metropolis. If any of you ladies need saving there...I'll more than pleased to help you out.
Jduke1551: yeah we'll make our way back there, but what should we do for now?
fairman4msu: Try kicking Lois Lane's ass. If you want to get to know Superman, you're going to have to eliminate the competition.
Jduke1551: oh, we will have no problem doing that
Jduke1551: 5 on 1 ?
Jduke1551: come on...
fairman4msu: I love five on one.

Thursday, April 04, 2002


I said frick: hey

Auto response from Jduke1551: I'm all about being in the dorm today.

I said frick: r u there?
I said frick: hey dude
I said frick: dudet
I said frick: son of a potato farmer

Wednesday, April 03, 2002

Well.....that was a trip

I know Nopa can relate to this:

temptress8125: hi.... :-)
Jduke1551: hi
temptress8125: asl?
Jduke1551: you first
temptress8125: 23/f/ny
temptress8125: so waht are you up to jduke1551?
Jduke1551: 20/f/MI
temptress8125: you wana cyber me! im kinda in the mood if you know what i mean :-)
Jduke1551: hmmm not really into cyber
Previous message was not received by temptress8125 because of error: Error code 3 received from server.
Jduke1551: hmmm not really into cyber
temptress8125: why not? im really cute... and all alone
Jduke1551: not really into the female on female
temptress8125: whatever... check out my homepage :-) you might change ur mind
Jduke1551: sorry I'm really not into females

Tuesday, April 02, 2002

Use Myself as an Excuse

20 minutes to get to Brown. Crutches. Can I use my foot as an excuse? Hmmm well if I go tomorrow with the crutches......Yea, I'm not about to go to class.

Monday, April 01, 2002

Funny Story

The 6th is the one month anniversary for my oral surgery.
The 9th is the three week anniversary for my roommate's trip to the ER.
The 9th is the two week anniversary for the discovery of the dry socket/infection.
The 3rd is the one week anniversary for my appointment to check the fixed dry socket/infection.
The 3rd, at 10:30pm, will be the one day anniversary to my trip to the ER for a SPRAINED/STRAINED FOOT.*

*I have crutches for a week and I'm on Vicoden AGAIN.
Don't know what to do right now

My foot is swollen. I can't get a hold of anyone and I don't want to go to the emergency room. I hope someone reads this soon, otherwise I'm gonna have to go driving around looking for some place to go. Shit. I'm wasting time. Does anyone know where like a nonemergency hospital is?!