Thursday, June 27, 2002

You might find this interesting --- maybe not

So as I was reading this morning, I stubbled across 2 interesting facts. First, when I thought I had a large family, I found out that it is in fact, more GYNORMUS than I thought. Here's a little break down:

My Mother's side (by generation):

My grandfather's --- ?

My grandmother's --- 8 (8 siblings)

My mother --- 19 (4 siblings)

Me --- 36 (3 siblings---6 first cousins)

My Father's side (by generation):

My grandfather's --- 18 (2 sisters)

My grandmother's --- ? (6 siblings)

My father's --- 35 (9 siblings)

Me --- 92 (3 siblings---23 first cousins)

All together, there are 127 in my generation. I have 127 first, second, and third cousins combined. Did I mention, there are 5+ in the next generation already? Holy Mcjesus....I have a large family. My family shoulda been a French Canadian mob family. You never hearda one of those, eh?

The second thing I found out today was that both brothers (2 of 3 project managers) here are 4th/5th cousins with my dad. I still have yet to pin point whether it's 4th or 5th but yea, that's crazy. Small world eh? eh?? eh? Yea....frenchie canadian mob! Ta toi! C'est drole! :-)

Wednesday, June 26, 2002

And another thing..

I hate the show Elimidate, though I still watch it when it comes on at 11:30pm. The show is ri-goddamn-diculous. First, it makes people look petty. The main objective of the "dates", is to make the "elimidater" want to date him/her. That would be cool if they each contestant had his/her own seperate date with the "elimidater" but nooooooo. They're pinned against one another in competition for a single girl/guy. Stupid! That just means that each guy/girl, is gonna try and conform to whatever expectation/desire the 'elimidater' looks for in someone. Therefore the 'elimidater' is choosing from a group of 5 fake people willing to stoop to any level to 'win'. For example, I watched one last night that viewed three women in a hot tub with one guy (the 'elimidater'). All three made out with this guy to see who kissed the best. What does that have to do with dating someone? Is that really a qualification? Yea, I was almost gonna go out with this guy once, but he didn't meet my kissing standards the first time we met. Stupid! Second, the show is an successfully acurrate portrayal of people being stupid. It seems like there's always someone on the show that is willing to get naked or kinki. Seriously, if some chick was willing to get naked for a guy 'elimidater', he'd prolly pick her......cause 5 minutes after the show ended, he'd put his pants back on and never call her again. Nah, I'm sure not every show is like that, sometimes it's 10 minutes. No really, if the show was geared more towards finding a mate, it'd prolly be less stupid. But then again, I continue to watch the show, so I'm just as stupid for watching it. But hey, after Seinfeld at 11, there really isn't much else to watch.

You've been elimidated. hehhehe. I love it when they say that. STUPID!
Oh man. I don't know what I did, but I know I did something. My stomach is in shambles. I think I killed it. After polishing off close to a half a fifth of Sothern Comfort in about an hour's time last Friday, my stomach still feels like it's been ripped to shreads. I'm trying to eat and sometimes it's easy, if the food is bland or soft. I tried drinking orange juice but after falling to the floor and remaining in the fetal position for 10 minutes, I decided I can't drink orange juice. I had a turkey sandwich yesterday for lunch and I felt fine but when I got home and had chips, I almost threw up. Grrrr....maybe I'm just tired. My body's like "no food...need sleep". But that doesn't really make any sense because I go to work from 7:15-4:15 and sleep from 5pm-9pm then 12am-7:15am; I get 11 hours of sleep a day for christ sake. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?! Maybe I need to start working some stomach medicine into my diet for a couple of days. Hmm, that actually might be a good idea.
I wish you knew what that means to me....I've never been in tears before at work......Complete and utter happiness....god I can't even write coherently.....I love you.....I love you so much :-)

Tuesday, June 25, 2002

I was soo wrong! Germany will face the winner of the Brazil v. Turkey match after beating South Korea; one to nil. Oh well--good thing I didn't put money down :-)
Holy McJesus!

My mom came into my room last night and told me that I can have her kitchen table with the 4 chairs!! Wahooooo!! AND.....U2's "With or without you" is playing on the radio.....AND....the chair lady gave me a 'praise' on my ebay screen name and gave me the chair for $20 instead of $25.......AND....I think Dave and I are gonna go biking this weekend (though I'm still waiting on my dad's approval).....AND....I'm finally in air conditioning for the first time today.......AND....I kinda get off early cause I have to drive to the Fisher building for some more material......AND....I can go swimming when I get home!! YEA!!

Saturday, June 22, 2002


South Korea (5-3 shootout over Spain)

Semifinal games are later this week. :-)

Friday, June 21, 2002

I was half far

I was right about the Germans, they beat the U.S today in a 1-0 upset. Don't get me wrong, I had faith in the U.S team and I had hoped they'd prove me wrong, but I just couldn't bring myself to expect them to win. They really didn't have a strong offensive game --- which begins to break down the defensmen after 90 minutes. A solid defense will take you far, but you need balance across the field---the strikers could be a little more in tune with each other, that might remedy the problem. Sorry guys, maybe you'll get to the final four in 2006. Congrats to Brazil! I read they controlled most of the plays in their match against the English. Too bad, I expected England to go all the way this year. The last two games of the Round of 16 are on tonight, or tomorrow rather, but late---2:30am I believe. Catch a game if you're up. Check ESPN :-) for the exact times.

On another quick note.....I got a desk, a leather office chair, and a couch/chair for $100!!!!!!! The couch/chair is in Sturgis though, but it's ok, it was cheap :-) Later!

Thursday, June 20, 2002

read this out loud:

"WHaup? no i tol u.....D-cent-see iz sumthin eye whant 2 have."

huh? E why don't you just write it out?
OH my hands are painty painty painty --- can't quity quity quity --- will be tirey tirey tirey forever

STOP TOPPING MY BID!!!! Stupid Ebay.

Wednesday, June 19, 2002

I'm really startin to dig the Canadian accents......

I can't wait to go home today. I am soo tired. I'm looking forward to watching tomorrow's game (Eng v. Bzl) on CBC. OH I'm tired.

Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Winners Round of 16

I got 5/8 right and 1/8 sorta kinda half right (spain v. ireland was a tie but spain had a better record therefore advanced).....I should bet on it :-) Teams advancing to the quarterfinals:
South Korea








Quarterfinal Schedule:
Germany v. USA

Brazil v. England

Senegal v. Turkey

Spain v. South Korea

I think I'm going with Germany---England---Senegal---South Korea......England and South Korea will meet in the finals....the English look really hungry for the cup!

Friday, June 14, 2002


I love the Canadian channel. For one, it helps me keep some tabs on the World Cup. Well, sorta. Almost every day, there are at least three matches played, but I only get to see one game, the others are shown around 2:30am. Anyway, so I wanted to comment on the status of our boys. The US team is made up of quality players from MLS, but it looks like we need to send our MLS teams out to South Korea or England or Spain for some pointers. I can't believe the American's lost to the Polish. I cannot believe it. Poland fumbled 2 on 1's at the 18 yard line, lost 3 on 2's at midfield, and were otherwise playing absolutely terrible in their match against South Korea. Poland has never really been a powerhouse per se in the World Cup but I have never seen them play so bad. I mean, they could go far if they would get it together and work on some precision in drills but as of right now, they'll be eliminated. The USA, thanks to S. Korea's 1 - 0 win over Portugal, was sent into the glorious 16 after holding on to second place in Group D under 1st place South Korea. I'm not sure if the US will get it together before they face Mexico on Monday. It looks like they have a solid goalkeeper but they need a little more stretch and endurance in the defense. Friedel, who, I must say, looks a hell of a lot better than Tony Meola in 1998, is tied with 3 other keepers among the top 5 statisitical leaders. At 13 saves, he's one save short of the leader but hopefully he'll be able to add to that number on Monday. I think they're doing 'ok' for American soccer but nothing compared to futball teams. All they needed was a draw against Poland to advance, but they couldn't pull it off. Therefore, unfortunately, I don't think they have much chance against Germany, England, Spain, Brazil, or Senegal.

Speaking of which, if you caught the match between England and Agentina, you witnessed an absolutely WICKED win. It was so great. Argentina was or maybe still is, I don't know, favored to win. The English are probably still glowing from that upset. Anyway, this upcoming week, the following matches are scheduled:
Germany vs. Paraguay

Denmark vs. England

Sweden vs. Senegal

Spain vs. Ireland

Mexico vs. USA

Brazil vs. Belgium

Japan vs. Turkey

South Korea vs. Italy

I think I'm taking, Germany---England---Senegal---Spain---Mexico---Brazil---Japan and South Korea, to win. So yea that's my prediction. :-)

Other Matches:
---Germany vs. the saudi's ---- 8 - 0?! Come on, that's ridiculus.
---Germany and Ireland advance to the second round. Duh, I think Cameroon had one goal out of three games--Saudi Arabia had zero.
---Agentina? What happened? You were the favorite going in.....bad week huh?
---Thank you Denmark for knocking Uruguay out of the mix! Futball's about finess and teamwork not throwing cheap shots and gudge plays.
---Congrats to China for qualifying to the 32 and congrats to Turkey for advancing to the 16! First time in what seems like forever!
---Russia, sorry dudes, looks like you'll have to wait another thousand years before you'll get to go---you guys need some help yo.

Thursday, June 13, 2002

Ouch!! ewe

I have paint splattered all over my hands, pants and shoes!! My shoulders are getting sore from working too. The guys are starting to talk to me more, which is kinda cool. Once and a while I get the "hey treat her good or she'll let the boss know a little somin!" or the "hey you don't want to get to know this guy, he seems to impregnate everything he looks at!" (the guy then laughs--"Fuck you!"---more laughs) or even the "Don't be a badass! A woman is in our presence!". It's funny. One of the older guys tried to set me up with his son.....One day he's like "hey, you like younger guys?!" Uhhhhh. Not so much. I told him "Yea, ummm, yea I'm dating someone right now". He looked at me, laughed, and shook his head. Sometimes I have a hard time saying no to people, especially the ones I don't know and who are above me on the company chain. But I had to.....I love P-Dub. :-)

There's road construction outside our office this week so everything's a mess here. My mom called me today to ask if I could pick my sister up from her last final of her freshman year of high school (oh my god I can't believe it) cause my mom couldn't get out of the parking lot. I told her that I couldn't, so I guess she waited and got there late-----however, before she could hang up the phone, I patronized her a little. Yesterday she went to an Othopedist to figure out what she needed to do to her hand and she forgot to tell us where she went. I guess she called my dad and told him that she was gonna have a pin put in her pinky finger --- which is an outpaitent procedure/surgery but she forgot to tell him where she was going. So I get a call from my dad asking "uhh I'm in my car right now, can you look for a doctor in pontiac for me?" My dad's secretary and I are calling around to try and find out where my mom is and finally, 2 hours later, my dad shows up at home with my mom. So this morning, I was givin her a little shit about it. She laughed. :-)

P.S -- I got another surprise!!!! hehehehhehehehhe.

Wednesday, June 12, 2002

I talked to a guy on ebay nah nah nah nah naaaaaaah nah I'm gonna get a couch nah nah nah nah naaaaaah nah I have to drive to Cleveland nah nah nah nah naaaaaah nah.........ahh, I'm feelin pretty good today. Yep, preeeetttttyy gooood. I sent 6 envelopes through the mail today. I couldn't believe it. I took care of some bills, I sent some letters, I cut HUGE checks for credit cards, I feel good. Well, I take that back, I'm a little worried about my mom. She broke her hand last night after falling off her horse and had to go into surgery this afternoon. I'm sure she's alright and everything but I don't know, it still worries me a little I guess. Anyway, so I was emailed a link to a new blog. I know that all of you love to read blogs so here's a new one, add it to your favorites!!! :-) Well, I better get going.....since I got to the jobsite super early this morning, I get to go home early today....Later!

Monday, June 10, 2002

Something Bold

I am so burned. My arms are a little better for the most part, but my shoulders hurt so bad. I went out on the boat on Saturday with my dad for a couple hours and didn't realize how hot the sun was. It was cool out in the middle of the lake, my dad had a sweatshirt and jeans on but as we got closer to shore, the temperature seemed like it skyrocketed. Sobe was burned too, she and I complained at Jellybeem's place when we played Euch last night. I lost 2/3 games. We played a 4th game to 5 points which Rox419 and I won, but that didn't really count. I think I'm losing my touch, or I'm just missing my partner. We've only lost one game together and I shoulda known something was wrong that night when we lost.......we went to the hospital not too long after that (for the gajillionth time). A few weeks ago, one of the roofer's fell through a ceiling into a bathroom and went to the hospital but I guess there was nothing wrong with him. Speaking of roofer's, I couldn't go to my jobsite this morning cause we're having some trouble with "shoulda coulda woulda" issues. I'm not very happy that I'm stuck in here all day when I could be out on a job, melting away the hours with physical labor. I'm sick of mental strain. Sometimes I want to go home and be exhausted because my arms and legs hurt not because I have a headache from plotting CAD drawings. I can't though. The guys avoid me out on the job because they know who I am and assume that I'm there to report their every move......I can't spend that much time out of the office cause no one seems to know how to do anything much less want to do anything with the computer when I'm not there. So I'm stuck. This summer either needs to speed up or I need to find a way out of this----maybe I can change my last name and scrub the "office personel (i.e too weak to work in the field)" sign off my back. DRAGADUKE! :-)
If you could know one thing about your future, what would you want to know?

Wednesday, June 05, 2002

Oh my......

I enjoy listening to 97.1 FM Talk during my work day. My morning begins with Howard Stern until 10-10:30am, then Kramer and Twitch until 2pm, and then I usually turn it to music, or if I'm REALLY bored I'll listen to Deminski and Doyle on 97.1 but that's rare. Anyway, so Kramer and Twitch made this bet with two Denver DJ's. The two Denver radio people insisted that if the Av's won, they'd get to punch Kramer and Twitch in the face and vice versa if the Wings won. WELL, since the Wings won, the two DJ's are flying up here to settle the bet shortly after the finals are over. However, now they're saying they want to wear head gear, or have fans throw hawiian punch on them, or have fans hit a puck at the bullsign of a dunk tank. But during the series, they put up billboards, signs, and bragged about punching two Detroiter's when they thought the Av's had it in the bag. Here's some of the stuff Kramer and Twitch did in response....The website's a little out there---It's not as well done as it used to be...but I thought it was funny....they even took out ads in the Denver News promoting the Wings----like full page ads----they asked for donations from game 1 to game 7!

Tuesday, June 04, 2002

Blog.....Can you help me?

I don't know what I'm looking for. I know I'm looking for something though. I think it's more knowledge or a new ability---like welding or developing......or maybe it's just that I'm looking for a sense of accomplishment or achievement. Grrr, this is frustrating....what is it? What am I supposed to be finding?!?!

Monday, June 03, 2002

Ok so JPD laughed at my attempt to describe the frame I was talking about building. Yea, so I think I'm gonna go to the store and find a book instead......

Dear Blog

I woke up this morning and seriously wanted to call my dad and tell him I was sick or somin but he'd prolly tell me to suck it up and come in. I was so tired. K and I went out last night and got some grub. Like usual, we talked for hours, trying to catch up on the last week and a half. It's funny, she's probably one of two girls that I share history with, that can talk about nothing for hours and it's incredibly interesting. Anyway, so I was thinking, on my way home, that I want to build something. I thought I might build a small model bed frame out of some wood I found in the basement. I used to make picture frames, of course they were just of simple design but I still cut, stained and burned the wood (I have a Wood Burning Calligraphy Pen for surface designs). I made book covers out of two pieces of wood too for a project in theology in high school, I wanted everything to be hand crafted -- I don't know why I guess I was in a mood. The bed frame is gonna be simple I think. I'm thinkin maybe 3' high, flat piece of wood (not sure what kind yet--I'll have to look) that'll fit a full bed, four table-like legs only bigger, and maybe some 4X12's or somin on the sides slightly lifted to hold the mattress in place. Hmmmmm, ideas :-) Yea, so I think I might draw up some plans or somin after work today. I'll give me somin to work on for a few days, and maybe act as a temporary release from the monotony during the week.

Sunday, June 02, 2002

Oh blog blog blog

I am so tired. I'm at work, again. I think I spend too much time here. I mean it's Sunday and I should be home sleeping but I'm not. I'm at work. Stupid work. I had a great weekend. I finally got some quality face time in with Pdub which I think was long overdue. My 'roommate' (not so much now but has been and will be soon) had to work so I didn't see much of her but that's ok, we got all summer. South Haven was absolutely gorgeous on Saturday. Pdub and I chilled out on the beach for a couple hours and watched the people walk by. We went all ethnic this weekend....we had Mexican for lunch on Saturday, Chinese for dinner and then we topped out at greasy american earlier today, it was yummy. I can't wait to see him again! :-) WELL, I guess I should get back to work if I want to get home anytime soon. Later blog!