Friday, May 30, 2003

Thursday May 29th 2003. Joey, that was an extremely profound post - I must say it was very moving. Wow.
I'm getting small shooting pains in my ribs and it's not a comfortable feeling at all. ooo you know what would be best to cure these little pains?! If I could slip into a warm pool of water just deep enough so that I can stretch my legs out and hot enough to relax my muscles - so that my ribs stop hurting. That would be better than sitting in a little whirly chair, typing on a computer, and wishing I was at home in warm bath water. Oh rib stop hurting - please?

Thursday, May 29, 2003

Buzzzzzz.....I'm quite the busy bee today....buuuuzzzzzzzz :-)

Got to drive around Detroit this morning and in dropping off bids and such, I got a chance to check out a little bit of Wayne State's campus. It looks good enough to me on the outside....and I think if I were to live downtown for school, I'd have a bicycle and ride from Jefferson then up Cass. I think I'm liking this idea more and more. I wasn't sure but it sounds so functional the more I think about it. But living in my own house in a quiet little neighborhood, with all the opportunity to work on house improvements and work on my bike in a big garage...all sounds wonderful too. This is hard.

Possible Choices
A. I could have my own house in BC or Marshall, with mortgage payments, an hour haul to a good law school in Lansing (school=$20,000 year), and maybe a little job in BC or Marshall.


B. I could have my own apartment downtown (w/roommate likely), with lower monthly payments, a bike trip to a good law school (school=$10,000), and maybe a little job in downtown Detroit.

Additional features:
1. With the house I'll get a higher return on my investment than I would in an apartment.
2. In the apartment I'd be on the Detroit river for three years - something I may never be able to do again.
3. The house warrants at least a five+ year stay - meaning a secure investment.
4. Bicycle's don't really function well in wintery weather - but neither does an hour drive + a job.
5. Detroit is close to the parents - meaning access to parents' stuff like boat trips in the summer, the use of the jet skis, and close to my bike.
6. The house brings me projects and I like having projects to work on.

I just asked Tom what he'd do and he's not helping. What to do, what to doo.........ah well here's something. Let's see how I do on the LSAT and then find out what law school I can actually get into first. BUT I have to make some sort of a decision by, at latest, December --- and I like to be prepared. So, if you have any thoughts and you have my email address, tell me what you think you'd do if it were you who had to make this decision. Here are the schools I can get into based only on GPA:

University of Detroit Mercy (located downtown Detroit - $21,450)
Wayne State University (located downtown Detroit - $10,500)
Detroit College of Law (located in Lansing - $20,900) - possibly a scholarship but I don't think I'll be in the 160's on the LSAT
Tom Cooley (located in Lansing - $20,450)

Let me know what you'd do.

Wednesday, May 28, 2003

people in detroit hold me down like whoa
Awakening to the sun upon my face this morning, I rolled over with a yawn. Ugh another mundane day in life of me. I stretched and straightened those wonderfully soft sheets of heaven across my body then a fold to free my legs. My feet gently touched the floor as I slid my hands on either side of my hips. Oh those delicate fibers of bliss felt so incredible across my fingertips, I just wanted to lean over and press my cheek to them but I couldn't allow myself the pleasure. I've always loved my bed, no matter where my "bed" resides. In Kalamazoo, I have these gorgeous dark purple sheets with a lavender middle blanket and a dark purple duvet. The winter brings out the best though, with all of those layers draped over your body, it's like your captured in a heavy pocket of warmth. Form a little cocoon and my sheets become so delightfully comfortable. In Detroit, I have these pleasant white sheets with a dark blue middle blanket and a blue striped comforter. If I leave the ceiling fan on, the wind cascades over my back, like last night, and I reach for my blankets - pulling them over me - and I close my eyes to sleep soundly. Oh how I love sheets.....

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

So much went on this passed weekend! First on Friday night - well friday night was something of a bum because I did nothing but Saturday I did stuff! Saturday morning I went to work until 2:30 and then I wanted to go downtown for the fest but I also wanted to go to church at 5 so that I could stay out later Saturday I didn't go downtown.:-( Saturday night, K, Jellybeem, Amys, and I went bar hopping in Rochester. I didn't drink much at all, in fact I only had one Killian's, but I was very much amused by K and Amys drunkeness .... so amused that JB and I took like 6 pictures of K and Amys dancing with men without them noticing! We have some with JB in the background making faces it's great. We're such losers but it was hilarious - and even more so when the drinkers don't remember who they were dancing with! Ahhh good times.....

So Get This On my way home Saturday night - well Sunday morning - I was driving down University Drive when I noticed that I can't get on I-75 because the bridge is closed. SO I turned around and headed back to Squirrel. I jumped in the right lane and I'm just drivin....when all of a sudden I see this DEER in my headlights. "Holy Shite!" I'm thinkin as I hit it and it slides down a little hill into the small patch of woods to my right. Now I'm sitting in the intersection, wondering if anyone else just saw that and what in the blue hell I should do. Should I call the police? Is it dead? Is it dying? Did that just happen? So I turn right and I can see three or four deer standing at the side of the road - and so I pull into a parking lot not far from where they were standing. "Uhh ... uhhh...." I'm shining my lights down into the little patch of woods and I don't see anything. I don't know if it's dead or not but I hit it pretty hard... I ended up calling 911 and asking an officer to come out and see if it's dead. It damaged my headlight and cracked my grill but I didn't want to fill out a police report cause I think my dad and/or brothers can fix it. They told me I could wait and fill one out but I decided not to and after ten minutes of waiting post hanging up with the Auburn Hills police, I left. I was all freaked out driving home. It's 3am and I hit a deer in Rochester. There's no country in Rochester. Rochester is a city. I hit a deer in a city. What the hell. Well at least there wasn't too much damage. I felt really bad for the deer ... I couldn't just leave it to die......I felt even worse when my dad was like "oh you hit a young one huh?" implying that it wasn't big enough to cause some real damage... damn it dad.

On Sunday, Paully and I went downtown for 5 or so hours. It was a lot of fun and we left just in time - as the millions of people piled in to Hart Plaza. We went to National afterwards and had chilli fries....mmm National chilli fries.... then headed back to my house for some movie/ice cream (with lots of chocolate stuff) fun. Didn't find "The Hot Chick" to be all that good and "Catch Me If You Can" wasn't as good as I anticipated it to be but the night was good. I realized that I really need a big screen TV. There's nothin like watchin movies on a 62" screen let me tell ya, that's definitely something I need to buy for my future home. Anyhoo - so Monday I wanted to go downtown but as it turns out, I didn't. I woke up at 11 and I thought I might go with someone (I didn't care who) but then I rolled onto my stomach and woke up at 5pm. So that idea was mushed. Oh sleep felt so wonderful yesterday. Aw... soft sheets against skin and then skin heating soft sheets and then sleep wonderfully beautiful. I woke up to the Simpsons on UPN too -- how great is that?!

So maybe this weekend wasn't as eventful as I thought in the beginning of this blog. I would've liked to have been downtown for more of the weekend - and I'm realllllly bummed about that - but I should just suck it up and be happy I got to spend 5 hours down there. It's better than nothing. Maybe this coming weekend will help some -- in four days, I'll be leaving for my cottage with the folks to go biking and put in the dock. I'm so excited! I love putting in the dock! No I'm just kidding :-) I just love the dock all together! Kidding again. Motorcross pants, steel toes, chest protectors, goggles, helmets, and gloves are much funner to wear than leaky waiters. woohooo!! (and I don't have to clean this weekend - my sister does! that's just great!)

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

I hate working for my parents. I hate it and I don't want to do it anymore. I wish I had my apartment early so that I don't have to wait till the f-ing end end of the summer to move back. We don't get to move in til the 29th of August - how crappy is that? Anyways - if this wasn't my last summer and I didn't get free stuff living at home and this wasn't a good idea and I had my apartment early --- I would so not be here.

Aside from all the work crap, I got yelled at last night because my parents want to go up north this weekend instead of next. They told me like 2 weeks ago that they were gonna go up north to go biking on the 31st and now they're like "no we've decided to go this weekend". So my parent's are mad at me because I can't go this weekend because it's DEMF weekend and I have to work - and I was the one who wanted them to go biking. You know this whole spending 24 hours with my family is crap..crap crap crap!

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

We are quite the bunch here at work. There is near zero work going on right now and the four of us here at all about to strangle each other cause we're anxious to do something. Nothing to do today.....nothing to do.....I don't think it's ever been this dead around here. And I've been working here since I was 11 years old. ... no . why does it have to rain today? I dropped my coat in a puddle. Stupid puddle. STUPID RAIN. It's May. April showers bring May flowers. Duh.

Monday, May 19, 2003

Sorry the last post was a little rushed. It's not really my whole body that hurts - it's just my lower back and my knees hurt to the touch but that's it. I feel like an old person cause it seriously takes me a minute to stand up and sit down. Earlier, I went to go pick up a check for my dad and I was trying to get out of the car when my foot slipped. I caught myself but it hurt so bad I almost bit through my bottom lip. When I got back to the office, I was getting out of the car and I'm telling myself "shut up it's not that bad" but honestly, I feel like I lifted 500 pounds with my legs for about 6 hours straight....and it's kinda hard to forget that that hurts. This morning was the first ever for me to wake up thinking "hmm maybe I really should take a personal day today". But I don't get any so I don't even know why I thought that. Anyway- I think I'm gonna go see if I can pass out for the rest of my lunch hour. I'll be in my car ;-)
Someone didn't want me to go biking early.....

Friday - Poor Scott tears up his hand and my tube trying to change the knobby on my back bike tire. Finally Paul and Scoot get the tire on but the tube is broken so I need to go and get a new one before Axle comes over Saturday morning to leave for up north. This is all well and good .... all I need is a tube.

Saturday Morning- 8:30 M&M opens, I'm there getting a new tube. Sweet only $10. Drive over to Discount and Paully changes the tube. The second tube tears but he patches it so it's ok. It's about 10am before all this gets done. Finally the wheel is complete so I go back to the house and begin to put the wheel back on. Doesn't fit flush with the swing arm - it's about 2mm off. I call the KTM/Triumph dealership and they give me two options: 1. Cut each little knob by 2mm or 2. come in and they'll put on a new tire. I told them I was supposed to be in Grayling (I actually meant Baldwin but whatever) riding and they were like "oh we'll fit you in it'll be like 20 minutes - yea you got somewhere to be so ok" I love these people. I get there in no time flat and they change out the tire in a half hour. Meanwhile I see Axle drive by en route to finding an ORV sticker. What's up?!! Bout 1pm I get back on the road and head to the house. Put on the tire, it fits, and I'm ready to go.

Saturday Afternoon - Get to Little Manistee campsite at about 3:45pm. Park, get out the bikes, pay for the site, gas up, and we're off. We're flying down the two tracks at anywhere from 40-50 mph - I mean fast! Well we get somewhere - to this moment we still don't know where we were - and we find our way back somehow. We think we did the south loop but we're really not sure how we got there. Anyways so we get back to the campsite having done something around 25-30 miles (there were a lot of stop signs so we couldn't go straight through at 45 mph) and we take a small break. Hey Axle, wanna go for a second ride - for like an hour? The guys should be here at like 8, we'll get back when they get here. Bad idea. He's tired and I'm all hyped up because I'm doin everything right on the trails and flying. I decide maybe I should where my chest protector for this ride. Yea sometimes I'm smart. Axle and I get on the trail and ride for a half hour/45 minutes. We planned our route beforehand but somehow missed a trail somewhere. We hopped on a road and started to head back to the site. I watched Axle as he accelerated in front of me and felt my back tire slip side to side.....I decided to let Axle go on and I'll slow down - I don't want to fall or anything.

Here comes a hill. I'm only goin 25 or 30 mph - which I thought was pretty slow for a dirt/sand road. My back tire is sliding back and forth but it's got some traction. I come up to the top of the hill and I see Axle's bike laying on the side of the road, off into the trees. I can see Axle's eyes for a half second and the road swing at a 90 degree angle off to the right. Oh shit. I lost it. My brakes did nothing as my back tire slid out from underneath me and my left knee goes crashing to the moving ground. I let go of my bike and turn my body, slamming the right corner of my chest protector (and shoulder) into the ground. With this follows the demise of my helmet. My head whipped back and smacked the ground - putting a scrape across my goggles and broke my visor. I somehow managed, in the span of about four seconds, to turn my body completely around so that I was facing my tail light. My right leg is suck under the bike and my blinker is on. I can hear Axle "are you ok?!!" "yea, can you get the bike off my leg?"

Saturday Night - Paul can't figure out directions and Scott was quite drunk :-) They finally get up there and it's great. Scott's complaining about how they bought beer at a GUN shop and the people didn't card them while in Big Rapids. Paully's just drinkin :-) Scott sleeps in a chair next to the fire for 8 hours, freezing his #$%^ off, Paul sleeps in the truck cause his back hurt, Axle's in one tent, and I'm in the another. Oh it was such a crazy good time.

Sunday Morning - "Jack, I think we have to do that Tin Cup loop that we saw everyone at yesterday." We pack up our gear, say our goodbye's to Scott and Paul, and head over to the track. It's just down the street, no big deal right? We get there and unload the bikes. We grab the nearest single track and toss up some dirt. My mind isn't into it so I'm only in 2nd or 3rd gear in and out of the trail. Axle's hyped and he gets up to 4th and loves it. We get half way through and I can't handle the technical work anymore - I just want to go fast. We get down to a stop and Axle's on the otherside of the road sittin on the trail. I honk my little horn and I wave him back. He gets half way around and the bike torques up, throwing the front wheel into the air. I see his leg off the side and smack into a tree. The bike goes down. He's on the ground. I'm like holy crap I hope he's ok. I run over there and he's ok. We get on the ORV trail (from the MCCT) and head back to the parking lot. The whoops are HUGE. I mean full extention of the legs on the downfall and full crunch on the uptake. The whoops are all over the place for 5 miles straight to the parking lot. Over and over and over again. I almost crash into some riders and some quads but all is well - I didn't crash. We make it back to the truck and in silence - strap up the bikes, change clothes, and get into the car. We stop at the Amoco station next to 131 and it hurts to get out of the car.

Sunday Night - I have to drop Axle's bike off in Jackson so by 9:45 I get there, in so much muscle pain, but still able to hobble to get Axle's dad. He takes the bike off and I go home. They are so nice! I get home at like 11:30. I can't even walk to my front door. I crawl into bed and my muscle's hurt so bad, I can't even move under the covers. My knees are killing me from that fall but what hurts the most are my thighs from all those gynormus whoops.

Now - I'm sitting here trying not to move very much. I took three tylenol about an hour ago so we'll see if that kicks in anytime soon. I need a massage.

What a fantastic weekend. I hope we go again soon. :-) I had so much fun. Scott - get your quad.

Friday, May 16, 2003

Have I mentioned that I'm absolutely thrilled that I'm going up north this weekend?!!! I can't wait till 4ish today! I got picked up my trailer, straped the bike in, and packed up my stuff last night, and then dropped off my truck/trailer at King's this morning so that I can have the crank I'm just waiting for the call to get my stuff back. It is so funny, my truck is sagging so much because of that trailer. I didn't want to take something that heavy but it's the only trailer (short of buying one myself) that I could tow. Hopefully, when I pick up the second bike, my truck won't keel over and die.....I don't think it will but you never know with the Fords. Shit I shouldn't have written that. Shit. Umm I love you little red fire truck. You can haul some hefty ass! I know you can do it! Crap.

In other news, I guess my mom had to call 911 last night. She and a barn friend sat on the side of the road waiting for a trooper to come and kill a deer someone hit with a truck. She told me it took 4 shots to kill it. Maybe the trooper wanted to make sure it was dead...sucky. My older brother used to mow the lawns in our old neighborhood and one time during the spring, he was mowing the lawn along 13 mile and ran over a rabbit hole. The rabbits jumped into the lawn mower blade; the mom and little baby ones. My brother had to run all the way home (our house was at the very back of the neighborhood) and get a shovel. My mom tells me he felt so bad about it he locked himself in his room for like a week. Awe....that's so sad. :-(

::ahem::: pathetic segway :::ahem::: YOu know what else is sad? My new tire not coming in - that could be pretty sad. They might call me today to tell me it's in - they told me there's a 95% chance they'll get my tire today so I'm crossing my fingers. Please come in today Please come in today....
I forgot to put my juicebox link up ... but now it's up and ready.

Thursday, May 15, 2003

Just to impress....

There's not really much I have to say in reaction to that. You're entitled to what you write...I just don't think you're understanding me. What I'm trying to say is that some part of me believes that in every step that I take forward in my life contains a tiny fraction of resentment towards some of the people that share my last name. I don't guide my life according to their standards - I mean in any given year I only see them on a few days here and there. I don't maintain constant contact with all of them, do you know how busy I would be if I did? Course I think I'd be in a mental hospital too but that's besides the point. I love my family, I do, but it's the ego and snide that some of them display that bewilders me. You see, I get this feeling when I'm around them - particularly around my dad's side - that I'm small. And I mean not just small, like teeny tiny atom size small and that if I wasn't there, no one would notice. My dad is the most successful of his siblings and because I'm his kid, I get the feeling that people think I'm a princess or some shit like that. Like I don't know the real world yet because I get everything from "daddy". That's what gets me the most. They don't even care enough to talk to me to realize that maybe that's not how I'm treated. I'm just pigeonholed into that stereotype.

It's almost like if someone told you one day that "you're not gonna make it in life" and five years down the line you prove them wrong. How do you think you'd feel about the people who doubted you? How would you feel after you did make it, that they then thought you only made it cause your dad is who he is? For every one thing you accomplish or gain, there's a tiny fraction of a percent that wants to say "This is my life. I have these wonderful things and you doubted me. F U" You don't say you want to get married, buy a house, start a new job, finish your masters/jd/whatever, just so you can impress someone. You do it because you want to do it, you do it because you believe it's good for you, you do it because you love it....not because you think it'll make an impression.

I'm frustrated. I'm upset with the fact that people just don't know when to stop. My aunts don't realize that people are people - who the hell cares how they live their life? I hate how I used to be - how I didn't know when to stop. I hate thinking that because of the damage the old me caused, there's no chance of redeeming myself now. I hate feeling like people don't think I matter. Do I want recognition? YES but not out of spite. Don't get me confused with that. I'm not like other people and you of all people should know that.

Wednesday, May 14, 2003


Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Sorry the last post is kinda long. I needed to vent. Now I need some water :-) Ahh. better.
Sunday, at my grandmother's house, I realized something. For years I've hoped to gain some sort of recognition among my family members and when I sat down at the kitchen table and no one seemed to really notice, this idea popped into my head.

I'm moving too fast. I talked about getting married, buying a house, starting a life...maybe it was to gain the respect and recognition I want so bad. I had a beer, my uncles and aunts looked at me like "oh that's a bold move" - while a couple said "you're not 21". My dad has 9 brothers and sisters all of which are married with kids - with the exception of one but he and his girlfriend look to be heading down the isle soon (or at least we hope) - excluding my family, that's close to 60 some people. Most of these people are anomosity prostitutes - I mean I love them because they're family and I'm sorry to put it in those words but I just can't stand how my aunts feed off each others faults. They never want to get together for Christmas or any other holiday cause they'd rather be gambling in Mount Pleasant or they don't want to hold the party at their house. My mom has this stupid party every year because no one else offers up. My aunts talk to each other with "you are lower than me" overtones then talk about people behind their backs when that person has left the room. If they weren't my family, I would never spend time with these people again. I swear to jebus - I cannot stand these f-in people.

When I was sitting at the table, I just wanted to stand up and f-in scream "shut the hell up". First of all, you need to take some iniative (to aunt #1), you need to stop talking to her like she's a child and stop talking shit about her while she's in the bathroom - and by the way, get down off your high f-in horse; you're WAY to into your own success/image(aunt #2), don't tell me I'm not 21 - if you paid any attention to the calendar you get every year, you'd know I was 21 but for the last 21 years you haven't paid any attention to it so f-off and leave me the hell alone ... by the way, you're kid is eating plain hot dog buns (uncle#1). Second of all, the anomosity needs to stop. If you people want to talk about each other, go home first and include only your spouse in the conversation. And don't walk around with your nose in the air - you're not better than anyone else - I don't give a rat's ass if you make more money. Why is this only obvious to me and not to anyone else?

My dad's family in Michigan, couldn't give a shit about family value, they only go to family events merely to save face than to actually enjoy hanging out. On my mom's side, you better have a damn good excuse for not showing up to the Christmas party or other family events. I just don't understand how people can be so blah about family - my mom's side cares what you do, who you are, and even though we might forget each others' names they will still say hi and how are you. Ugh.

So I think my independence kick is now due in part by lack of recognition in my dad's family. Part of me wants to get out of college and on my own just so I can come back and be like "you didn't get me here, you didn't even know I was even close to here but I made it by myself so f-u all". I am so sick of being considered a child and not being taken seriously. I'm so f-ing sick of it. I'm sick of people thinking I can't do shit because I'm too young or i'm a girl. F-U all, I'm gonna make that decision not you. I'm sick of being myself. I wish people would just f-ing tell me what they thought instead of making me guess. Hurt me or not, I don't give a fuck. What people don't understand about me, is that I've been beaten up - I've been taking shit long before you met me. At 15, I took the first step into the real world when B decided to show up - I had to fucking live with his shit for what 6 years now? My whole life is fucked up because of him. Drugs, I loved 'em - had to have 'em. Ten soccer coaches who told me I was a fat fuck who wasn't worth the dirt I dug my cleats into. Fights. Self loathing. Self destruction. Getting to college and starting new and no one in my family fucking cares. They still think I'm the rich little bitch who gets whatever she wants. Well fuck you, fuck you all. My parents' money is their money, it's not mine - I don't have power or control over the handling of it so therefore I have no say in what they want to do with it. Look at my little brother, he's fucked right now - he always get's the short end of the stick but what you respect him because he refuses to accept his sister and parents? I know I have a good head on my shoulders and I'm proud of that - but you people don't even fucking know. I'm not smart but I sure as hell work at it. Don't fucking look at me like I'm not worth anything. Fucking soccer coaches, B, fuck you. Don't fucking tell me what to do. STOP.
I hate how none of these posts are showing up.

Friday, May 09, 2003

Time to blow this pop stand.
20 minutes ago my mom and I were talking about how tattoo's don't generally hurt unless there in an area with a high concentration of nerves......I don't know how we got on the topic but she asked if some other people I knew had gotten tattoo's and what they got. She was insisting that people are crazy cause it has to be painful - so I grabbed Tom and asked him if his two hurt (forearm and shoulder) when he got 'em. He and I both kinda agreed that the pain is definitely minimal, except in some imaginable areas. I told her that my little bro was gonna get a screaming skull and she gave me the "he better not or I'll kill him" look then laughed .... so I started laughing....and she sat down and said "do you get another one? lemmme see..." ... "no mom I didn't" (laughing harder)......"yes you did" .... "no ma.." (we're still both laughing) She picked up my leg and looked on the outside of both ankles...."you're're such a liar"....."I didn't mom..." (still laughing)....."you are such a bad liar, look at your face, it's all red" ... "yea yea mom" .... I pulled up my pant leg and showed her the inside of my left ankle. I think she kinda liked it because she didn't tell me it looked bad...:-) She just said "ha..wait till your dad sees it"

So shhhhhush... my dad hasn't seen it and I've had it since November ---- ooop! my mom doesn't even know that! SO if yall out there readin this can be keep this one under the table .. I'd appreciate it :-)


Thursday, May 08, 2003

ah hahhaa. You know what's even funnier and feels really really good?! When you post that someone else fucked up and you point it out to your boss 5 billion times...but then you go back to the jobsite and see that the "real" building is across the street and really, you're the dumbass who should've noticed the building was right there. Yea, that's nice.....buildings suck.
You're reading a fully, legally endorsed motorcyclist's webpage. As of yesterday, I am now FULLY opposed to before when I only had my certificate for the road test. Our instructors in the day class (for the certificate) told us that all we had to do was go in to the Sec of State, sign here, sign there, pay 6-7 bucks and then we had something to put on our license....I mean I had already taken a written test in the class so I thought "eh ok it'll take like 5 minutes". Well, I ended up taking the Sec of State written test yesterday after about an hour and 15 minutes of waiting, got 1 wrong, paid for the endorsement plus a new license, and then went home with a big gigantic headache but it was all ok cause I have an endorsement.

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

well I had some updates to my picture page but for some reason I can't log on to my page.....ah well.

Today was driving driving driving.....downtown to uptown to downtown to even further downtown ... then back uptown again. After that, I went to get lunch and now the day is less complicated. The first of the last two THAT 70's SHOW is on tonight at 8pm. I'm excited to watch it. God knows I have nothing better to do. I guess I could go out for a drink with a friend but I think I'll pass tonight...I just want to go to bed. I'm bored. Wait...wait for it.....bam...I have to go downtown again...son of a bizznatchy...i gotta to yall tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 06, 2003

You know what feels good? To get yelled at, go back to work, look up the file to the job, discover that SOMEONE ELSE FUCKED UP, and then show it to your boss with a little smirk (it's good to make sure you point it out more than once).... Today's getting better.
The next bad day was today......

Pops was irate this morning. You could hear him yelling into the phone in Flint...and we were in Southgate. I told him to take a right at one street and he missed it - as we passed I said "yea we gotta turn around the go that way". So he turns and fires a couple rounds at me, "you should pay more attention!" and "I got other things on my mind!" and "Why don't you say 'gee dad you should get in the right lane'?" Smile and nod Jack, say ok and don't say a word.
Enter mocking :
Me: "turn right on down here"
Dad: "turn right here dad"
Me: "it's after the City of Wyandotte building we did last year I think"
Dad: "it's on the left dad"

Exit mocking, enter Jack not talking to dad anymore damn it.

Dad: "You sick of listening to the news? I'll turn on the radio."

I can understand that he was pissed because he was chasing leaks yesterday instead of doing these inspections - and it wasn't that big of a deal that he snapped at me. I'm just glad I didn't make it any worse by being a lump and yellin back at him. I hate it when people do that sometimes, especially when it's the guys at work. J used to do it all the time and he'd just make it worse and worse and'd think the guy would understand that my dad isn't someone who readily admits when he's wrong after workin for him for 9 years but nope. I mean, it's different when it's someone outside of work but even I know, if the boss is yellin at you for no matter what reason - just shut up and let him/her blow off some steam. Eventually they might try and do something to make you happy - like turn on the radio.
I finally got my phone back! I got my phone back! and it works too!!! Wahooooooooo!

Monday, May 05, 2003

I just wrote this long, in-depth blog entry exposing my soul's secrets but I just lost it....nah just kidding, it was about risks and how my dad thinks I never take any. He's right but I'm not gonna let him know that.

I really have to start working out.

"Monday Monday" shut up I hate Monday's.

Friday, May 02, 2003

Ok last time for today - for both the blog and the email. It's almost time to go home, I just bought a new bike, and guess what?! I prolly shoulda picked up a book for my little endorsement test....I got 6 wrong - bummer. I'm not too worried about it though cause I think my dad was in a hurry to get out of there and I didn't want to make him I can go back next week on Wed. or something. It's kinda funny cause they told me at the class that I didn't have to take a Sec of State test but I guess you have to finish the written portion...stupid really cause I already passed a road/written in the class I took. I woulda passed the sec of state road one too but I decided to have some fun in the class instead. It's a little annoying but I'll have it on wed. I think pops was a little annoyed that I wanted to take the test too - so I just tried to hurry up. Oh well! I got my title, I'm happy.

Anyway, so I have something in my name finally. And I get to go home in 5 more staring at this screen, no more checking my email 67 times daily, no more writing blogs...until Monday. YEA!! Well maybe I'll see if I can check my email in my dad's office at home. Eh maybe not. I'm just glad it's friday and I can go home.

In fact, maybe I'll go up to Kzoo.....ok prolly not cause I'm lacking some serious cash right now......but maybe I'll change my mind you never know....somebody could call me out of the blue and say "hey come on, come up" and I might think about some more .... then go.

ANYHOO - talk to yous guys on monday.

My dad's at a meeting and we're supposed to go out to some jobs right now I'm mad blogging cause I finished everything yesterday and part this morning (after my first blog).

So I was reading this woman's blog - Ninakaye and I thought I could throw out some was hard but this is what I came up with.

1. Avril Lavigne "Losing My Grip"
2. That country song about the guy in the plane - talking to his family when it goes down ; Whitney Houston "Always Love You"
3. Genuwine "Anxious"; LL COol J's "Imagine That"; 112 "Peaches & Cream" (well a little)
4. "Sweet Home Alabama"; Black Crowes "Hard to Handle"; ACDC "Shook Me"; Suicide Machines "Punk Out"
5. Black Crowes (anything); Guster "Parachute"; Charlie Daniels Band "Devil Down to Georgia"; Gladys Knight (?) "Midnight Train to Georgia"; Monie Love "Monie in the Middle" +(if I could just have one more)Flogging Molly "Kilburn High"

Of Note : BBD "Poison"; De La Soul "Buddy"; Counting Crows "Round Here"; Carl Cox "Phoebus Apollo"; K.Hand, Bones, DDish, and more that I can't think of right now.
I have a love hate relationship with Detroit and today it's shifting closer to the hate side. I'm drivin over to Garden City to pick up some stuff for work and I see this yellow broke ass car with a big sticker on the back that says "Mexirican". So I decided, I'm gonna talk to my ebay friend and see if he can make me a custom sticker that reads "Canada's Frenirish". I'm gonna have him make at least two so that I can stick 'em on either side of my truck. Yea.

Not a big fan of D-Town today.

Laura, me too girl .... (even though it was a month ago)
Last night, my head was running at 90 mph and it hasn't quit yet. I woke up at 6:30 this morning only to get out to my truck, realize I didn't have to leave until 7:30, and then go back inside and watch a little tv. For the last 24 hours I've been really high strung. Maybe it's cause I'm stuck here. Maybe it's cause my summer is only filled with short vacations. Maybe I just want to go home and not have to work ever. Maybe I just want to work out. Maybe I just want to leave - Michigan is gettin a little stuffy. I'll prolly feel better tonight when I lay down in bed and not wake up till 12 tomorrow. If it's sunny, maybe I'll take a long drive out on my bike, take some back roads to no where (wait back roads don't exist in the city - damn it) - you get my point. Hell I don't know. It's May, I should be happy...I'm working and blah blah blah this is good for me blah blah blah....I think I'm kinda happy, dah I don't know.

Choking on boredom.

Thursday, May 01, 2003

I feel like the only one who checks her email address more than 67 times a day. I can't stop.

I might get an email from you...
I am an F-ing waste of space.
That's it. When I move out in August, I'm taking all my shit and I'm either giving it away or burning it. I am so sick of my little sister raiding my closet and taking all my stuff. She takes everything....she stole my Western sweatshirt for like a year..she nabbed my tee-shirts....she even took my WORK BOOTS - yea you know the ones that the laces would keep breaking so I had to tie little knots on random parts of each lace to keep them on the boot (i'm cheap I don't like to buy new laces) and those are the ones I wore when I was working on the roof - so they no longer have tred because the navy blue paint and hardener filled in the cracks - not to mention they're tired old boots. She stole my work boots. She took my work boots. She desperately needs to go shopping.
LAst niGht.....

K calls me at 6ish and I'm like "hey let's go out later", so she comes over later around 9:30ish. We're off in my truck to Woodward and 13, to catch some good beer/game whatever. We get to 14 mile and some jackass in a Civic cuts this Ram off. The Ram jumps into my lane (2nd from the right) and swerves back over into the right, cutting off this Civic and then stops so that his back end is keeping me from driving any further. There's like 20 cars backed up behind me and to the left of me watching this all go down. The guy in the Ram jumps out of his truck and walks around to the drivers side of the Civic. K and I are like "uhh should we...should we call the cops?" Ram dude looks like he punched the guy in the Civic, the guy and all of his friends get out of the Civic and like stand nose to nose with the Ram guy. They're yelling and screaming - I mean I had my windows closed and I can hear everything Crystal Clear. So K and I are watching this happen along with all 20 cars behind me and the other lane. We're all shocked - so K and I are like "ok let's call we call 911 or....shit who do we call?!" We decided instead, we'd just run away like little we pulled out of the way and drove to Duggan's. We got to Duggan's and we're like "damn it - we shoulda called someone"

We stayed at Duggan's till about 12, drinking 2 steins of Killian's (for $6! sweet)....then jumped into my truck and headed back up Woodward. We got just passed 15 this time and this crack of lighting hits really close to us. Little freaked out now - little bit. K and I are like "good god....what is happening to us tonight....we're not gonna die, we're not gonna die..." Get home, it's raining. I get inside and my cell phone doesn't want to work anymore - I'm never in service or get any kind of signal. SO since my phone doesn't get a signal, I can't set my little alarm clock - so I have to go wake up my 15 year old sister to ask her if she can run in my room when she gets up in the morning. Good thing she remembered.

Oh life takes some crazy ass turns..