Wednesday, July 30, 2003

I posted something yesterday and I don't know where it went....I know I published it. Oh well.

It's 10am in the morning and I wish it was 4:15 already. I'm sick of working. Things are really slow, I mean so slow things feel like they've almost come to a screeching hault. I have binded myself to fixing old drawings that non-CAD people drew. They are outrageously off scale and I'm starting to drive myself crazy redoing, redoing and redoing. Speaking of tedious, my aunt flew in from San Fransico for two weeks and when she was over last night, my dad tried to verbally jab me with some low blows about how I'm not a good worker cause I never know what he wants. I responded with "if I had a boss that could explain to me exactly what he wants then maybe life would be easier" & "dad, you're just jealous because what takes me two minutes - takes you two hours." Needless to say, my dad was a little steamed but dropped the subject. He's weird about that I think, I mean he may have some sort of a complex about his learning abilities when it comes to computers. I don't know why - he shouldn't be, he's the only 50 year old guy that I know who has been up-to-date with computers since the pre-windows, 5"X5" Floppy, DOS run, Apple PC era.

This radio is driving me mad. The volume goes really low and a few minutes later I have to turn it down because it's too loud. WELL, I better go deal with some shite - maybe lunch time will come soon. I like lunch time....mmm...

Monday, July 28, 2003

I want to crawl into a little warm cave right now and just sleep for a couple hours.....a quiet little dark cave.
Dah. My body hurts today. Although not as bad as when I came back from a weekend with Axel but probably close. This time though, it's not really my legs or my shoulders as much as it is my back that's really stiff and hurting. My trip-o-mo-no-meter says we rode 110.2 miles of trail in total for the weekend, I guess I should be sore. I tell ya bloggie, I push that bike of mine ENTIRELY too hard. It might be time for a new one but we'll see, I'll put a new front knobbie on it first then I'll figure out what I want to do with it.

Oh man. The one time I fell this weekend, THE ONE TIME, I had to land on my bike wrong (it was a hard fall) and fry my leg. My moto-pants melted on my engine and branded my leg in about a 3" X 3" square. THEN when we got back to camp we didn't have a first aid kit.....funny cause neither did the DNR guy across the way --- HA! --- you know what the side of his truck said "FIRE CONTROL" what fire control guy doesn't have a burn kit?????!! Oh well I guess, I mean it still hurts but there's nothing I can do about it now really. Well not as long as I'm working here.

We're planning a fall trip. I'm so excited. I love biking. My brother was like "Jack! You have WAY too much energy to do this" I was like "Dude, I might not be a phenomenally fast as you are but I love this - I live for these weekends now" He looks at me like I'm out of my mind. He takes a few seconds and says "Then you need a faster bike and you can fly with us" I was so proud to be his sister at that moment. YEA. Ok, my ass hurts and I gotta go out to a job again. CRAP. Climbing a latter is so not what I need to be doing today. Peace out homies.

Friday, July 25, 2003

I want to say something but I don't know what to say. So now I'm just typing. Just typing along not having really anything to type about - thinkin as I write this......I'm really excited to start decorating my apartment. I started making all of these little things like flower boxes and curtains; I love it. I made some more clothes with this awesome fabric the other day too. I was thinking about starting "Operation create-a-canopy" but now I'm thinking I may cut the idea all together. I'll have to think about it some more I guess - things just aren't working out so much with the whole "yea that's the fabric I want to use!" thing. I'm so picky. Just yesterday, I found the perfect color for my bathroom and the bathroom rugs that were on sale didn't match the color - they were just a little off. So instead of picking another color that may have worked; I went to another section of the store - found an area rug that was kinda hidden - and bought it on a "jackie thinks the price needs to come down a little" sale (I kinda bargined with the sales woman - I told her I thought it was on sale and she ended up giving it to me on sale). I wanted a soap dish too but I couldn't buy one because the colors were a shade to the leafy green side. I wanted purple stuff too but those colors didn't match my flower arrangements.

I just decided, right now as I'm typing this, that when I grow up, I want to retire working in a flower shop. That has to be the BEST job. People are pretty much always happy when they buy flowers. I mean, marriages - birthdays - meeting the parents - thanksgiving centerpieces - christmas poinsettas - valentine's day - a formal - anniversary - etc. who wouldn't be happy to buy floral arrangments?! AND you get to smell amazing flowers all day. Think about it, when ever you get stressed out, you could actually stop AND smell the roses. Plus, you'd get a discount on your flowers so you can take them home whenever. ...... Great now I wanna go buy some flowers.

I want to learn how to become a .... well ... a blacksmith of sorts. I watched this show a while ago and these two guys made these impressive twirling staircases and incredible chandeliers out of iron pieces. I would love to make such a beautiful, traditional piece, hang it in my dining room - over my mahogany table - with several little candle-like lights coming from each little iron arm. The walls would be a deep burgundy color, there would be hardwood floors, nontraditional chairs with little engravings on them, a forest green train on the table, cream colored china with a green ivy border, polished silverware, a mahogany china cabinet with iron vine-like handles, the china cabinet has lots of chips and rivets in the mahogany but it was made that way - to give it character, bright yellow flowers with several greens in an iron vase with little ivy leaves as little legs in the center of the table............ ok I'm gonna stop now. yea.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Ok so I thought it might be weird last night because, well, I expected to go out with two army dudes not just one. At that, I thought it was gonna still be weird cause I've never really hung out with this guy without anyone else around but I actually had a really good time.

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Goin out with army guys tonight....tried to get some other people to come but I don't think they'll call me back.....Gotta think about where would be cool to go on a Tuesday night.....gotta find a Real Detroit.......gotta go......

Monday, July 21, 2003

I just wanted to have a normal weekend. I would've liked to go out for Bum's birthday Friday night, but no. I wanted to leave on Saturday but again, no. I would've liked to have a nice weekend without dealing with family squabbels buttttttt no.

Blog, I know you don't want to hear about my stupid whining so I'll spare you the agony of reading it. We'll just leave it at - "skrew anyone who thinks working for family is easy".

On another note, I might go to the movies tonight. Is there anything good playing that I haven't seen?

Friday, July 18, 2003

So lemme just say right now, Pirates of the Carribean - oh oh oh so good. I thought at first, that there might be too much story not much skeleton but good lord I was wrong. Imagine lots of skeleton+Johnny Dep (grrrr)+good ole sword fighting scenes+big gynormus ships+comedy====GOOD STUFF. I would be (a) happy to see it a second time (b) first in line to buy it on DVD (c) more inclined to buy popcorn next time.

Johnny Dep
Johnny Dep
Mmmmm Johnny Dep....

Thursday, July 17, 2003

OP Complaint

I LOATHE Oak Park residents. Well not the whole populace, only the rude-sluggish-spiteful-I-want-to-literally-get-out-of-my-car-and-slap-those-stupid-slowasses-for-patronizing-drivers kinda individuals. On Western Michigan University's campus, students walk across CROSSWALKS regardless of whether or not cars are passing over those designated areas, but in Oak Park, it could be busy-ass 8 mile or 5 lane roads like Coolidge or 9 mile and people would still frickin cross it. Oh no and it's not like they'd cross in a timely manner either. It's like people sit on the sidewalk for a second and then right before they cross they think, "hmm, where is the worst possible spot in this 5 lane busy freeway-like road? Ah there it is, let's cross there! Oh yea and remember if it doesn't take you a frickin half hour to cross, you're not doing it right!" OH those people make me so mad. Someone stopped in front of me yesterday as the light turned green. Honest to god, STOPPED IN FRONT OF ME. TO PUT HER CELL PHONE IN HER PURSE. It is entirely aggravating when someone walks in front of your car nonchalantly - as they could make you wait all day if they wanted to. Dude and if you tried to say something to these people, they'd look at you like you're nothing - which pisses some people off - and they wouldn't back down either. Some people here are frickin scary like that. Man I hate belligerent pedestrians.
I'm really hoping my roommates aren't mad at me. I cleaned my room upstairs, the foyer upstairs, the stairs, painted the second coat on the wall in the used-to-be-purple room, picked up what trash/food that was mine in the cupboards, cleaned the basement stairs and floor, and finished throwing little stuff in my truck all in about 3 hours and 15 minutes on Monday....yea I was a firecracker. When I left for Detroit at 10:30pm, the only thing that shoulda been left was food/cleaning stuff on the kitchen counters and some big stuff Jen had yet to grab. I don't know, if they're mad at me there's nothing I can do about it now I guess.

This week is flying by. Monday was my last summer vacation day off, Tuesday I spent most of the afternoon at a jobsite, and yesterday I had a doctor's appointment so I only worked half day. Today I have to work out at another job I think, then I'm going home at quittin time and seein a movie (Pirates of the Carribean yea!) and THEN tomorrow, I work and I clean.

I just looked at the calender and did you know that 6 weeks from today I get to pack up all over again and move into my new apartment?! Wow, that means that there's only 6 weeks left of summer.....whoa only two weeks left in July.....yikes. hmmmmmmm...

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Well I got home last night at 1am and FINALLY took a shower. I can't tell you how good it felt to wake up (a) in a bed, (b) clean, and (c) without a hangover. I would be in near-heaven but I burnt the bejebus out of my shoulders and they hurt really bad. Yea, speaking of which, I looked at my shoulders last night and I noticed that the burn is about the size of both my hands wrapped around the back of my neck....that's it.......I can't believe it. Oh well I guess.

This weekend was bliss ;-) I'm just a wee bit embarassed about some stuff but overall I don't think it really matters. What REALLY matters is that I'm very near full out sleeping this morning and it's only 9am. F. Fight it jack, fight it.

Thursday, July 10, 2003

About a week ago, I broke my glasses. I'm almost conviced I did it on purpose even though it appeared to be an accident. Yet regardless of the merit of my dubious subconcious intentions, I chose to resolve the situation by taking advantage of the whole "D.O.C buy frames get a free eye exam" deal. So I went to Somerset after work yesterday and as I was waiting to be helped, I saw this girl who looked strikingly familiar. I tried not to stare but I couldn't figure out where I knew her from. Now this may sound a little weird but when I think I know someone from my high school, I try to imagine them wearing the uniform. Sure enough I realized she fit the image but I could not, for the life of me, remember her name. She and I talked for a few minutes then she did the pre-eye exam, we talked for a few minutes more, and then she went back to work. The whole time I'm thinking, "what the hell, why can't I remember her name??! Ok, who did she hang out with? Damn it I can't remember!" She mentioned some names of who she still keeps in touch with and I had a little bit of an idea who she was but I was so upset that she knew my name but I didn't know hers. So finally, I got in to see the doctor guy and he attempts to make conversation....the first thing that comes out of his mouth was "so you went to school with Kelly huh?"

I hate it when that happens. I feel so bad.

This morning is going by so slow......derrrrrrr....

Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Monday, July 07, 2003

I had this awful dream last night. I was looking for my Little and when I found her, she was all alone in this condemned building. She grabbed my hand and suddenly we were walking up the stairs of this tall brick building that looked like it was near collapsing. She brought me into this room and pointed to one of the doors along the back wall. When we went in one of them, she smiled at me and pointed to her bed in the corner, underneath a broken window. She had this drawing we did together. I can't describe this room; I just remember thinking "oh god". I wrapped my arms around her and jumped out the window. We got to the ground, my parachute fell on top of us, and I woke up with a sheet over my head. Crazy huh? Maybe I should call her and make sure she's ok.
The weekend's a blur...... :-) .....but I know it was fun for the most part......don't ask.