Wednesday, July 30, 2003

I posted something yesterday and I don't know where it went....I know I published it. Oh well.

It's 10am in the morning and I wish it was 4:15 already. I'm sick of working. Things are really slow, I mean so slow things feel like they've almost come to a screeching hault. I have binded myself to fixing old drawings that non-CAD people drew. They are outrageously off scale and I'm starting to drive myself crazy redoing, redoing and redoing. Speaking of tedious, my aunt flew in from San Fransico for two weeks and when she was over last night, my dad tried to verbally jab me with some low blows about how I'm not a good worker cause I never know what he wants. I responded with "if I had a boss that could explain to me exactly what he wants then maybe life would be easier" & "dad, you're just jealous because what takes me two minutes - takes you two hours." Needless to say, my dad was a little steamed but dropped the subject. He's weird about that I think, I mean he may have some sort of a complex about his learning abilities when it comes to computers. I don't know why - he shouldn't be, he's the only 50 year old guy that I know who has been up-to-date with computers since the pre-windows, 5"X5" Floppy, DOS run, Apple PC era.

This radio is driving me mad. The volume goes really low and a few minutes later I have to turn it down because it's too loud. WELL, I better go deal with some shite - maybe lunch time will come soon. I like lunch time....mmm...

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