Friday, July 25, 2003

I want to say something but I don't know what to say. So now I'm just typing. Just typing along not having really anything to type about - thinkin as I write this......I'm really excited to start decorating my apartment. I started making all of these little things like flower boxes and curtains; I love it. I made some more clothes with this awesome fabric the other day too. I was thinking about starting "Operation create-a-canopy" but now I'm thinking I may cut the idea all together. I'll have to think about it some more I guess - things just aren't working out so much with the whole "yea that's the fabric I want to use!" thing. I'm so picky. Just yesterday, I found the perfect color for my bathroom and the bathroom rugs that were on sale didn't match the color - they were just a little off. So instead of picking another color that may have worked; I went to another section of the store - found an area rug that was kinda hidden - and bought it on a "jackie thinks the price needs to come down a little" sale (I kinda bargined with the sales woman - I told her I thought it was on sale and she ended up giving it to me on sale). I wanted a soap dish too but I couldn't buy one because the colors were a shade to the leafy green side. I wanted purple stuff too but those colors didn't match my flower arrangements.

I just decided, right now as I'm typing this, that when I grow up, I want to retire working in a flower shop. That has to be the BEST job. People are pretty much always happy when they buy flowers. I mean, marriages - birthdays - meeting the parents - thanksgiving centerpieces - christmas poinsettas - valentine's day - a formal - anniversary - etc. who wouldn't be happy to buy floral arrangments?! AND you get to smell amazing flowers all day. Think about it, when ever you get stressed out, you could actually stop AND smell the roses. Plus, you'd get a discount on your flowers so you can take them home whenever. ...... Great now I wanna go buy some flowers.

I want to learn how to become a .... well ... a blacksmith of sorts. I watched this show a while ago and these two guys made these impressive twirling staircases and incredible chandeliers out of iron pieces. I would love to make such a beautiful, traditional piece, hang it in my dining room - over my mahogany table - with several little candle-like lights coming from each little iron arm. The walls would be a deep burgundy color, there would be hardwood floors, nontraditional chairs with little engravings on them, a forest green train on the table, cream colored china with a green ivy border, polished silverware, a mahogany china cabinet with iron vine-like handles, the china cabinet has lots of chips and rivets in the mahogany but it was made that way - to give it character, bright yellow flowers with several greens in an iron vase with little ivy leaves as little legs in the center of the table............ ok I'm gonna stop now. yea.

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