Thursday, August 28, 2003

So this morning I'm off to look at my last few jobs for the summer season. My feeling about it is probably better described in the following monologue by Evelyn Howard in Steel Stream 1957:

"I told you I'm afraid of it. I wish I could feel different, I really do, but the truth is I'm afraid. I don't want this to be the end! Please, don't leave, don't ever leave, this can't be the end. Oh Gene, I can't leave you like this - please, I love you, this can't be the end already."

Ok so I totally made that up but if you replace the name Gene with "college" then you get my point. Law School? Law Enforcement? Ahhhhhh - I don't want to think I'm ready for that despite the fact that I know I am. I listen to my older brother and he constantly reminds me that he'd rather be back in school then working for GM. I know I should "cherish" these times (how gay does that sound?) and I want to - but I'm ready to move on - but then again I'm not ready cause I know I'll miss it - but then again I am because I'm sick of not being able to go out and buy stuff like a new CRF230 - blahhhhhhhhhh. I want another week or so.

On another note, since I can't stay in college forever (aside from turning into will ferrel in Old School), I've looked at some apartments in Detroit that I could live in for the time I'll be at Wayne State (fingers are still crossed on that one). I don't know, if I don't end up finding a roommate, I might have to live in the ham. For all of you who are familiar with Detroit - you can feel my pain. My utmost desire, should I live downtown, is the riverfront apartment buildings right on the Detroit river - behind Cobo. I love the fact that you can wake up to Canada, the ren cen, downtown, or the ambassador bridge every morning. I should only be so lucky. Reality check - my downtown fantasy will probably not be an option but you never know I guess. Anyway I am supposed to be leaving at 9:30 so I should prolly get my move on. Laters.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Aw Aww Awwwwwee Iced Cap from Tim Horton's. I so want one of these drive thru's in my backyard. They are so great and yuummmy.

I can't take this internet failing anymore. I was on yesterday, filling out an unemployment tax registration form (UI-1) online and I got through almost two pages and a little error message pops up that says "something failed, do you want to send a report?" I was a little upset. Usually I can figure out why things go wrong on this computer but not this time. For once, I'm completely clueless as to why the hell my computer is acting so funny. I guess I just have to post everything every two seconds. Ugh whatever.

Today is Wednesday and I am kindof excited. A week from tomorrow is my last day and then I'll be in KZoo for a couple months. I guess I'm ready to move out again but I don't know - I kinda want another week of work...and another week to move in. I'm really not thrilled about the fact that I have to move up on Friday then drive home on Saturday then drive back on Saturday just so I can move all my stuff in on one weekend. BUT if I have to do it, I have to do it I guess. I feel bad now that I think about that. In the full three years that I've lived in KZoo, I've been home every other weekend. The longest I've ever gone without driving home is about a month and that's it. This year, I'll be up there until Thanksgiving. Am I having seperation issues? I don't know. Should I be terribly concerned? I think I might miss hangin out with my mom. :( Eh maybe it'll be ok. We'll see.

Ok it's about time to go. Yea - my boss (aka father) is telling me I need to go out to Oakwood. D'oh. Later bloggie.

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

I really don't want it to be 8:15 right now. ugh.

Monday, August 18, 2003

We were close. I'm really glad I got out of the city when I did because we were really close. It was almost like the apocalypse in Detroit this past weekend. The "Power Crisis of Twenty O Three", as WWJ NewsRadio 950 quoted, caused power failures in every southeast Michigan city from downriver to Romeo and all the way out to Ann Arbor. Everyone was told to go home Thursday afternoon when the power cut out, all at the same time, there was traffic everywhere. Get home and we're trapped in the house. No water, no bathroom, no power, word from the radio tells you not to flush for fear of backing up the system, no stores open for water, no gas..... Some stations open but there were lines backed up for miles - reminiscent of 1979 (pictures/literature of course I wasn't alive yet). Then the rain came. As I headed out west on my full tank of gas, I listened to WWJ report flooding on the Southfield freeway and the Lodge - the system couldn't pump the water without the electric pumps. In New York, people were all over the place. Watching from our little generator run TV, people poured into the street because subways shut down. I could not believe HOW MANY people ride the subway - I mean there were people EVERYWHERE - walking home, sleeping in the street, it was crazy to watch. They shot this view of Ground Zero, it was mad. I'll tell yall one thing - I WILL NEVER LIVE IN NEW YORK. Bombs, airplane crashes, targets of terrorist attacks, power outages, murders ... nah I'd rather move to Utah or Canada.

Now the power is back. Crisis averted. Radio reports say that grocery stores will take months to recover from loss of business during the blackout. Gas prices will still hover around $1.70. Everyone in Detroit now will put away their generators. Water is pumping and the air is coughing out of the pipes. Floods are gone. Traffic is as usual. Monday, 8am, Detroit is again open for business.

Thursday, August 14, 2003

Sometimes I feel like I'm smart and that the people around me can vouch for my capabilities, but today I feel stupid. Since yesterday's little mistakes in judgement, I feel like I have some new holes in my business rep. I'm not someone who really puts much stock in people's opinions in my personal life, but in my professional life - I would prefer to feel like I pull my weight or like I'm a team player. If I'm not right at least 98% of the time - I fall below the acceptable line I think. Right now, I think I'm at a 78% and I guess I'm just really annoyed with it. There's no excuses like "uhh I'm not a roofer or a project manager, I don't know what I'm doing" or "no formal training here". I've been doing this for three years, I should know everything I need to know to be correct 98% percent of the time spent working. I acknowledge that I'm not perfect but you know what - I should learn to be in my professional life. Drawings must be checked, double checked, and checked again. Questions should be kept to a damn minimum. And think before saying a single word. Damn it.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Ok. Annnnnnnnd Go....

Frankly, I can't say that I'm not a little scared going back up to school. This is my last year; I only have two semesters left and that's it. Soon enough I'll be saying "I can't wait til Halloween (I LOVE halloween)" then "I can't wait til Thanksgiving mmm food" then "I can't wait til Christmas; finals to be over; spring break; graduation".......and finally "oh no Western is done, on to Wayne State or Tom Cooley or DCL" I will then of course passout.

August should replay again, except it should be called August 2: Month of Delay. I could use the extra cash and the zero amount of homework. I guess I'm just nervous. I think about the last 3 years and remember all the crazy stuff we were supposed to do but didn't. I think about the crazy stuff we actually got around to. I think about all those times when I really wanted to do something cool and I stopped myself because I thought to myself "that's not gonna help me tomorrow." This year, I want to drive out to Chi Town for more day trips. I want to go out to Fort Wayne again for dinner. I want to play pranks. I want to ride my mountain bike back and forth on the KalHaven trail - the full 60 mile trip. I want to go camping up north with lots of people before it gets too cold. I haven't been to Kentucky since I stopped playing soccer. I want to get in crazy shape. I want to find a bar to hang out one night a week. And I want to do all this stuff in one mad year - not spread over three. This has got to be the "SWEEET I GOT A BRUISE ON MY ARM BUT I GOT THE COOLEST PICTURE OF ME IN KANSAS CITY AT THIS BAR WHERE THIS GUY I JUST MET HANGS OUT EVERY THURSDAY NIGHT" kinda year. Now I'm excited. YEa.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Mmmmmmm Iced Cap from Tim Horton's.

Monday, August 11, 2003

Oh coffee, you're the elixir of something holy!

The Bronco Online Bookstore is open for business on the 18th of this month. Good news I guess, I can price out my books and then cry softly into a pillow. Books have such a low resale value - especially with Western - you throw away 10's of 20's of dollars on .... on reading! ah!!!

T- 3 weeks until the 2003 fall semester commences. Horrah. The first of the last two semesters ever at college. Good god; it seems it was only a year ago, I was living in Britton with JoeD .... Oh JoeD, I know you'll hate me for this but one of the funniest moments in that dorm room was when you asked JoeyP if Ireland has any interesting holidays ----- and in kindofa "caught-off-guard" but calm cool response, JoeyP says "no. they're all the same" in his best irish accent. JoeyP probably wouldn't have gotten away with convincing you he was Irish if you hadn't had anything to drink that night but oh it was funny.

One of the scariest moments though was when we were in Hadley one night. Remember at Chris & Mark's? Mark and I were sitting on the top bunk of their beds talking to JoeD, just kinda hangin out, when Erin (he was an ass so he gets his name spelled like a girl) walks in. Something happens and JoeD and Erin are now at each others throats. Erin's like "I would so kick you're ass but Mark's my boy - yea cause Mark's my boy and I wouldn't do that here...but I'm crazy, you don't want to mess with me cause I'm f-in crazy" (Erin was overcompensating - he's so gay). Mark and I look at each other like "crap this is going somewhere bad". Now Mark's a BIG guy - he was an offensive lineman for Brother Rice for 4 years and Joe's like gettin in Mark's face like "I'm gonna f-in kick that guys ass! He is such an a**hole! Whatever he's nothin - I could kick his bit*h a**" I gotta hand it to you JoeD; you're like a bulldog. You don't back down from nothin - I mean it's not like we wouldn't have helped you or anything but damn you were like millimeters from taking on the whole floor at that point. That's our Foster though, FOSTER THE FIGHTER! Hey - I'm gonna start refering to you as "my buddy FTF" yea! that sounds so much better than just plain foster or little red fire truck. YEA!!! FTF. what. :-)

Anyhoo- the summer is coming to a hault and things are gonna start to turn autumnish. AND THEN - HALLOWEEN! I LOVE LOVE LOVE halloween. I love it so much I had to say it three times. One of us has to have a party. It would be so great.

YOu know what would be a great movie? Oh wait maybe I shouldn't say it cause then people would take my idea and I don't want that. Ok nevermind.

I did some research and I found out that 4 people can go to Whistler Canada and go skiing on a glacier for a total of about $700 each. The most expensive thing by far is the plane ticket - which is $483..... all I need now is three other people who can (a) ski AND (b) afford to go in March for Spring Break. Hell, all I need is one other person to ski - two people can be nonskiers (for those who qualify it's about $600 to go). 5 nights 6 in British Columbia Canada. It'd be so great. Well - drop me a line if you think so.

I haven't been on a vacation with friends in 4 years. I really want to go somewhere and have fun. Canada is cheap. Indiana is cheap. Iowa is cheap. Whatever. I just wanna go on vacation. Road trip??

Alrighty well I'm gonna have to leave you at that bloggie. Time to get back to work. Yea CAD! blah.

Friday, August 08, 2003

All that work and we're not even going. Pfffffff.

Thursday, August 07, 2003

Holy crap I thought it was Wednesday. ........... I've been contemplating that sentence for the last 5 minutes. Huh. Well I guess I was busy this week. Crap. That puts me closer to the weekend --- I mean, that puts me under more pressure to decide whether I want to go sailing for the next 4 days (to Kelley's Island, Lake Erie) or stay home and do the responsible thing (go to the bank, balance my checkbook, take my sister to work etc.). I know it seems like an easy decision but I don't have time to do the responsible thing because the bank isn't open late enough M-Th for me to go during the week - and Paul is coming home for the weekend. I wouldn't be able to see him a lot though because he's coming home to spend time with his parents. Should I go or not go?

Well, I like boats, especially sail boats. I like laying out in the sun and it is supposed to be nice over the weekend. I get to have like two days off and I don't have to spend much $$. But I really need to get some projects/finances squared away and two days would be perfect. I don't really want my burn to be completely exposed to the sun and there isn't really an easy way to cover it without bandaging it. ahem...I would so rather go biking this weekend ahem... If I stayed home I might be able to swindle some work time out of Jillian. Ok well maybe not - now I feel bad.

Ok sailing sounds better. As I look at that last paragraph I'm thinking -- Sunny weekend? ..... Or rainy bills? ....Sunny or Rain? Sunny.......or Rain? Yea. I'll see yall on Tuesday. Have a good weekend.
No way.
Wait. It's Thursday? ....hold on....

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Have you seen how much parking passes are this year? $300. $300!!!! I can't believe it. I'm really glad I can walk to class this year. That's $300 I can now use on books....which of course are going to be $400. :-)
I have so many ideas flowing through my head right now. I know, I know, it's 8am but I can't stop thinking about decorating and staining and painting and making flower arrangements and unpacking and sewing and shopping for crafts...............sorry got carried away for a second. My mom thinks I'm crazy but I'm really not....just creatively charged :-)

Friday, August 01, 2003

By myself in the offfice .... by myself in the oooffffffice.... I know I needed to be antisocial this week but I didn't mean I wanted to sit in the office alone.

At least I have the internet and some old magazines to keep me busy through lunch. I remember when I was working valet and they scheduled me to work at Fairlane Mall bout 3 or 4 years ago. A new restaurant was moving in and they wanted to have valet get used to the lone booth outside the mall entrance; a cement box with a window and a chair - yea. I had 3 cars in 8 hours and nothing to do. No internet, magazine, book, whatever......just a window and a watch. It sucked. The cars were ghettttto too, which made it even worse. In one, I couldn't even reach the pedals cause the drivers seat was so far back - it was in the back seat. In another, the guy tricked out the kill-switch so that you had to push the window control down in order to start the car. I thought it was quite clever but it would've been nice to know that before I ran all the way over to his car.

I loved the job when I worked in Troy though. It had low responsibility, lots of excercise, and I got to get away with a lot of stuff I shouldn't have. But with as much shit I got away with, the last time I worked there I had to pay dues and insurance which was bogus but I also got stuck with someone's missing tickets because my shift ended the latest. So what goes around comes around I guess. I wouldn't work for the same company again but I wouldn't mind the job. I was asked all the time if I wanted to pick up extra shifts at parties or the Opera house. You can make some mad cash downtown but I never wanted to do it.....I was already taking over a bunch of shifts in Troy. Plus the Opera House gigs ran real late at night; 8-3am shifts at the Opera House then 6:30am-1pm shifts at Troy? Nah.

The job taught me a lot about tipping. I remember what it felt like to have someone hand you a $100 bill and tell you to keep the change. I also remember how it felt to tell someone "sir, parking is $5 today." and have him hand you a five then leave. Makes you kinda wanna touch keys to paint as he's drivin away. I try though - if I have the money - I try to give as much as I can. Waitresses only make about $3.75 an hour....they need my tip :-)

Anyway, so I'm still in the office alone bloggie. Well maybe I should go see what's gonna on out in the back real quick. Peace out and tip well!