Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Gettin the Itch

I feel I have to spread this knowledge. When you're looking for a home, make sure you understand what you can and cannot afford, and don't get discouraged. Make sure you research mortages and keep an open mind. Drive around and look, you might find property that you may have missed while searching listings online. Call on the properties your interested in even if they didn't offer you a flyer. If you find a property online, visit the area, pictures can be deceiving! AND THIS IS A BIG ONE: Realize that whatever is meant to be will be. I prepared myself for the money issues including closing costs, upfront fees, interest rates, ARMs, etc. but what I did not prepare myself for was the disappointment. I'm not totally naive, I don't think this will be a walk in the park...I just thought, "wow this house is up for sale? Wow! It's in our price range! Let's talk to the realtor! Oh? It's pending?....damn it. All the good ones are." It's such a high and low. I just have to learn to accept it and move on.

Friday, May 21, 2004

Every Single Time

Whenever I log on to blogger, I see the big giant word "Dashboard" on my screen. Is it just me or does Dashboard Confessional pop into your head?

It's prolly just me. :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Loving this whole...Post-Graduation

Project Management. I believed so whole heartedly that I was going to pursue a career outside of this business that I was almost going to completely remove the word "roof" from my vocab. Now I'm sitting in my own office, with my own set of plans and specs for my own jobs, and my own little desk. If I knew I was going to be in this position for the last few years, I would've pushed to learn more about what I do now. But alas, I did not know nor did I even desire to dream of it.

I graduated last April with a degree in Criminal Justice. And over the last four years my faith in the system I once grew to love, has slowly but surely drifted into a black hole. I feel as though my feelings have aged, I'm no longer as passionate about it as I used to be. I used to decry little social injustices and point out the shortfalls of imprisonment, court appointments, and community policing. Today, I find myself saying "what the hell? Why is Manson still alive? Why can't they just push the bad guy from the movie SWAT off a building and call it an accident?" Ok so maybe I'm not totally comfortable with that last callous comment but my point is clear. I think it's quite funny ... or rather HILARIOUS....that I was set in career choices before I went to college. I had a goal. Except, I left college not knowing what I want to do at all. It's amusing to see how life can trip you up like that. One day, you've got a plan; the next, you have no clue what's going on.

If this is how it's going to be for the next 60 years - I can't wait for the rest of my life.

Monday, May 17, 2004

To start:

I'd like to say congratulations to Scott and Linds; that girls got a rock the size of my head on her poor little ring finger! Paul and I went out to dinner with these crazy kids last night after our pre-marriage seminar...

When I went to high school, my knowledge and opinions of the world were vague and dare I say it, naive. Then I went to college and I thought "gee this is unbelievable! This person grew up on this side of the state, I can hang out with this person, this person isn't cool, wow I like liberals, radicals, and conservatives, but mostly liberals!" I never thought for one second that I completely understood the world around me but I was convinced that the world at least believed in the same sort of ideas that I did. Throughout all my years in college, I refused to believe that I was a minority - I refused the notion that most people in the world are conservative. I thought that there are all of these people fighting radical right wing beliefs and I was just part of the gang, battling right along with everyone else. Well, I woke up yesterday.

This weekend, it finally occured to me. I am in the minority. I am a woman in the construction business and I am one liberal among an plethora of conservatives. I listened as the main speaker, during our seminar, proudly told a room of 120 that homosexuality was an abomination or rather, a distortion of human sexuality. He insisted that we were in the "dark ages" with 1.3 abortions happening every year and the god-forbidden same sex marriages are threatening the sacrament of marriage. Ah yes, "and please sign this petition folks, we need to define marriage in the michigan constitution because, oh my cookies, michigan could allow same sex marriages - let's not skrew up like Mass." Excuse me for one moment, but for Christ Sake - what are you afraid of?? Gay folks aren't getting married in church! 30 years ago you would've been asking us to sign a petition that barred white people to get married to black people! Is this not the same injustice?! OH, I almost passed out from the hyper-ventalating(sp?). I was very glad to see that fewer than 10 of 120 signed but still....10! I didn't know this, but much of the world is like this. Did you know that? The world is cruel.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004


I've decided that today I need to play the lottery. I know the odds are not great, but maybe I could win. I could use a little extra cash. (sigh) Extra cash...that would be nice. This whole "buying a house" thing on the east side of the state is proving to be more stressful than I thought. Not that I thought it was going to be a breeze but I somehow, when I was bracing myself for mega debt, skipped over the preparation part of the mega debt process. I forgot to add in the prelim anxiety of actually getting qualified for a loan. Let me tell ya, it's not fun. This is what you think on an everyday basis:

Did I pay that bill last month?
Ok, this paycheck will pay off that credit card.
Do I have enough in the bank to get a decent loan?
Ok, next week's paycheck will pay off this other card...right?
How much debt can I have going in?
I can't cash out my bank account can I?
Should I dress to impress?
I'm so new at this.

Thursday, May 06, 2004

The OP (as in Oak Park)

I really like my job. I really really do. My only regret is that I'm not as good at it as I would like to be.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004


Alls I have to say is : I wish I had a friend who could ride with me. Maybe I'll put an ad in the paper; Biker seeks buddy to ride with....sick of being the only one who can go.
A little note

I forgot what it felt like to workout. My shoulder hurts, my legs are somewhat sore, my arms ache - but damn, it feels so good.

That's all I have for today ... so far.

Monday, May 03, 2004

Weekend Review

Have you ever felt so incredibly embarassed that you don't even want to talk nor think about it? That would accurately describe my sentiments about last Saturday.

Is there a hole around here I can crawl into?