Thursday, June 24, 2004

Goin up north this weekend - goin up north!! do do do do ! Goin Up NORTH!! wahoooo.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

There are some days that make you ashamed to show your face in the office. Today is one of those days.

2 weeks of working late, figuring and figuring, and still.....I'm not done until 2 hours before the bid is due. Looks like I'll need to practice overtime.

Friday, June 18, 2004


I'm really very exhausted from this long haul we call a work week but I'm pulling myself together for one more day of geometry and salad. Why, you ask? Because today is Friday. Today is the day I retire in my bedroom for some much needed sleep. I'd to make a dent in the acclaimed "Da Vinci Code" or even "Tips on Buying/Selling a House" but lately I haven't touched the books because of this crazy work load. I'd like to do that tonight too. Maybe a little light reading before bed.

Anyhoo, things are going well for me here. I haven't talked to a single person in Kalamazoo (besides my husband to be) yet and I can't say I'm happy about that. I really need to buckle down and get over there to visit people one of these weekends. I also really need to send out some mail - especially joey's because I haven't seen the masterpiece he calls a film (well, not the finished version). I also need to get Robbie's/Jon's mail out and I have some other things I wanted to send out to some folks. Geez, I haven't even had time to lick a stamp. Alright well, I have to desk is overflowing with projects. Talk to you later blog.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Sniffly Sniffly

I swear, I'd like to take one of those shop vac's to my cat's fur and change her from a Blue Russian to a mexican hairless. Ugh. I was having hard time driving in to work this morning because of my now puffy eyes. I love my little M Lynn but she's got to do something about that hair.

On another note, saw the Pistons beat the Lakers last night for the championship. I gotta tell ya, I'm impressed. It was weird seeing the Pistons jersey on the spirit of Detroit statue instead of the Red Wings but hey that's cool. I'm glad they won. Finally a champ that doesn't have these overpaid, shoe endorsing, "I make ten million a year", "I bought my wife a 4 million dollar ring after I cheated on her" players on it. It was good to see Shaq, Kobe, Rick Fox, Carl, and whatshisname hanging their heads after the game. I hope our players never get that popular - I mean it would be creepy to see Ben Wallace in "SHazaam" or hosting the Kids Choice Awards on Nick. Wouldn't it?


Thursday, June 10, 2004

Had A Lovely Conversation Last Night

Stayed out late last night and I'm paying for it this morning. Really though, it was fun - I shouldn't complain.

Ok, about the post yesterday. I was really mad but I was calm by the end of the day. I've decided to write these things down so that if anyone asks me "hey Jack, tell me about a mortage and what I have to do to get one" I'll be able to provide useful advice.....the kind of advice you don't get from your parents or your siblings....advice that comes from someone who JUST went through the process. I'll explain more if someone asks. For now, I leave you with this: "Good things come to those who wait"

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Shhh Shhhh Shhh squish squish squish snap snap snap tap tap tap bang bang bang boom boom boom KABOOM KABOOM KAAAAAABLUUEEEEEYYYYYYY

Sure Sally what can I do for you? Ummm....yea try this. Ok thanks.

Well I told Sally to figure it this way cause this way is going to work and the other way won't.

What? Why is that wrong? What did you do before? Well why is that different for me? Why am I being told this and you automatically get that?

What the hell? I don't know shit about any of this, I'm just trying to go down the right road. What? What the hell...????

What the fuck?! What a fucking hoe - I have to do this and I'm not even processed yet? What? That's all you had to fucking do and you're done? Well what the fuck about me? I'm just a fucking naive little shit who's got it comin to me? What the f-in hell? Yea - I feel like a fucking moron - a sure fuckin fool. All I wanted was a fucking house.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004


Sometimes I think I allow myself to consume a hell of a lot of time working on projects just so that when the due date comes I can run around like crazy person. Maybe it's my subconcious desire for the "pressure's on" mode or maybe not but whatever it is, it's freakin me out. On a side note, I do enjoy being busy. I think I associate busyness with a sense of accomplishment. Life is good when a day at work feels like 20 minutes.

Oak Parktucky

Ok let's see. Ah. It's predicted to be in the 90s today with a slight chance of rain. When I heard the broadcast on the radio today I got the same unpleasant look on my face - "I hate the summer". I admit it, I'm not a shorts and tee shirt type person because I am not proud of the way I look right now. I know, I know, that's not a great self image but I'm working on it. I believe the summer is only nice when you can relax on your back porch at night and sip a glass of merlot while having a quiet discussion about what a fantastic weekend you have planned. Speaking of which - I hope to have a porch soon. Although the process of buying a house seems rather slow, we're progressing along nicely I think. It's good to pace I am told. Anyway, the time for writing is over - I have to get some things done by this afternoon or I'm SKREWED.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Another Day Another Dollar

"Mom, listen. Every day I feel a little more confident in what I do. I mean, I've had some unexpected good news, that in itself has helped me want to learn more about what I do."

I said that last night as my mother and I were driving to the store. I've done well for myself so far here and I'm really very proud of my work. Although I do think about law school now more than I have in the past I still don't know if I'll go. I'm told I have to but sometimes I think I'll be fine right where I am now. What if Adam and I are naturals? What if, in 5 years or so, we decide my parents only have to work part time? What if we're not ready when my parents are ready to leave? Should I just use this career as a stepping stone to better things? Couldn't this be 'better things'? I don't know the answers but I keep asking myself these questions.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Applying for mortages

Last night totally stressed me out. Who knew a simple mortage could be a life changing experience?? Good news though, our lady said we'd probably have a house all picked out and ready REALLY soon......I'm gonna have gray hair before I'm thirty.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004


Reading blogs makes me sad sometimes. It makes me think about not being able to be a part of a group of friends anymore.

I have been trying to think of that name for 6 months. Praise Lindsay Smith! She is the curer of all can't-remember-the-name-of-that-movie ills!