Tuesday, August 31, 2004

I just got this new CD yesterday and it's really good. The band is from Newfoundland, Canada (off the coast of Quebec) and they have the weirdest but coolest accents ever. It's almost like a Canadian accent with an Irish dialect. It's pretty cool. Anyhoo- so I was listening to it this morning and I was, for the first time in a few weeks, not sleepy on the way in to work. I was all "oh you can go in front of me sir, oh you too lady, go ahead it's ok" and "hellllloooooo, may I had a Iced Cap please?" People were looking at me weird. So now on, even if I'm happy, I'm still going to act grumpy so that no one will look at me with evil sleepy eyes.

I have to go to class next week. This sucks. I think it's 6 weeks long, every Thursday from 6-9pm. It's going to teach me how to read blueprints. Whatever. Anything that can help me with this job is good I think. Hey you never know, one day I might need to know how to read plumbing, mechanical, or even signage specs. You might see me on Who Wants to Be a Millionare with Meredith one day and I might get a question like "what does the symbol swiggly line dot swiggly line indicate?"

Ah, who am I kidding. This blows.

Monday, August 30, 2004

Served with Love

This weekend was AWESOME. It started out to be kinda "hmmmm" though. Let me explain. YOu know when you go to King Wok's and you're like "oh yea, this is so great, Chinese is great, mmm sweet and sour chicken, great!" and then you go home, sit down to watch TV and then all of a sudden you get this weird look on you're face and you're roommate asks you if you feel ok and you're like "hmmmm I had a lot of chinese"?? That was us Friday night. We finally tried the chinese place down the street and it really wasn't as good as King Wok. They packed up a ton of food for us though. Who knew you could fit like three meals in those little carry out boxes? TOo bad we couldn't save any food...cold chinese, yuck...gag me with a spoon!

Saturday was a terrific day. I got to go to Karin's party and I brought home some presents afterwards. It was fun! I'll have to tell you about it later....it's very much off the record, on the QT, and very Hush Hush. (tell me where that's from and I'll send you a quarter!)

Saturday night, Karin, Roxanne, Scott, Lindsay, Axel, Allisha, Paul, and I all went out to the Tiki Bob's in Pontiac. Scott and I got loaded, I don't think Karin and Linds were all that tipsy, and Paulie, Axel, and Allisha were just drinkin all night. I had such a good time, sometimes drinking can bring out the best in you. Karin's got proof of that in her voicemail box, compliments of yours truly.

Sunday was Fantastic. I had my first shower and it went off without a hitch. There were so many people there! I couldn't believe it! I wasn't really nervous until I got there - then I started to shake a little. It was kinda funny though, I couldn't tell if it was the hangover or the fact that a large majority of the people there, were people I didn't know. Mrs. Walters and Paul's Aunt Laurie did an amazing job putting it together. The Brabb House was absolutely gorgeous! Paulie came at the end for the opening of the gifts. I'm very happy, surprised, and flattered by the generosity of people. We had so many gifts it could barely fit in my mom's suburban, even with the seats down! It took us a half hour just to put it all in my house! It was wonderful though - I finally get to make a trip to Salvation Army and donate all the cheap old stuff I've been keeping around. Everyone was so amazing and so nice. I know less than 1% of the people there read my blog, but thank you all again anyway.

I was thinking last night though, Paul and I got a TON of stuff at this shower.....is there going to be anything left for the next two????!! I'm open to suggestions - please email!

Wednesday, August 25, 2004


What up.

My little bro stopped by last night and hung out for a bit. He was supposed to pick up a few things from the garage but a couple of days ago he smashed his thumb with a hammer so he was all doped up and I couldn't move the stuff myself. It was cool though, he likes the house too. I wish I would've taken photos of the 'before' and 'after' - it would've made more of an impact I think. Speaking of the house, I'm going to update the picture sometime this week....maybe tomorrow.

Oh ok so this is good. I just remembered this happened last night. SO I thought when Paul moved out of Axel's house we would never have to deal with the 'small animal' problem again....BUUuuuuuuuttt no. To start, I HATE small little wild animals. I HATE them. I don't mind dogs, cats, gerbils, hamsters, snakes, whatever. If it's a pet I don't care. But when it comes to little wild running/flying animals that are SUPPOSED TO BE OUTSIDE I have a problem.

Last night we went to Meijer at about 8ish for some food for stir fry. We shopped for about a half hour and then rushed home to cook it. Half hour after that, we started watching this TERRIBLE movie called, Torque and started eatin. Paul ran upstairs a few minutes later to anwser his phone and so I'm still chillin in the basement, eatin. All of a sudden a FRIGGIN BAT comes out of nowhere and starts flying around the basement. I was like "Ahhhhh! Paullie! EWE!!!" It was crazy!

I hate them I hate them I hate them. Stupid bats why can't they just stay outside???

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

OOOOOHHHH it's only Tuesday!!! I'd love it if it was Friday, then I could go back to sleep.

I need my dad's super-crack coffee. I stayed up too late!

Monday, August 23, 2004

This weekend went well, although it started off pretty ANNOYING. Friday, I had four people working to get my 27 estimates done and ready to turn in. Yes, I wrote 27. I'd been on overdrive all week trying to get those things done but I just couldn't do them all correctly myself. Tom was scolding me, saying that I should never do that to myself because I could very possibly make a very VERY big mistake....to the tune of a couple thousand bucks....per estimate. I just wanted more practice you know? I guess I thought that if I could perform overloaded and under pressure I could cruise through regular estimating work. I don't know, I did alright but not perfect.

So as soon as we finished both bids (27 combined estimates for 2 bids), I had another coworker drop off the one and I drove out to Lansing for the other. I had to leave super early though cause my car is dying and won't go over 65 anymore. BUT I made it and that was good. So while I was there I starting calling people I knew who went to school in Lansing. Well, I ended up going out with MTP who I haven't seen in almost two years and it turned out to be a really great time. I still strongly dislike Lansing but lunch was good, really good. I like that place...Harry's I think it was called. I could only eat half of the sandwich but it provided me with some comfort later on in the evening.

Which leads me to the next big event on Friday. I was about 2 blocks from my house when I get a phone call from my mom saying that I needed to go out to HOWELL to pick her car up because it was also dying. (Back Story: I decided to take a work truck home cause I didn't want to use my broken car anymore) Then my dad calls and tells me that the truck pulls my mom's horses better than any other car so I need to go out there and get her. SO I drove out to Howell at 5pm, mind you, in traffic hell, to trade one working truck for another broken one. Then, I'm complaining to my dad right, so then he tells me I need to drive all the way back to his house and pick up his truck. So I ended up getting home at like 8:30ish with my dad's truck. I get to work at 7:15 every morning so I was friggin exhausted.

I wake up at about 9:30ish on Saturday and cleaned the house, including our new guest room, then went shopping up at Summit. I get home, put the new sheets and food away and then I check my messages. I couldn't turn on my phone all weekend because my wall charger is at work and my car charger is in my truck, at work. I find out I got a call from my dad at 10am that he needed the keys to the Mustang in his truck. It was 4pm in the afternoon. I started shaking. "you mean, he worked on that mustang for weeks for the dream cruise this weekend and now he can't even take it out because I have the keeys????? Oh shit he's gonna kill me"

As you can see I'm still alive but I haven't seen him yet today so that doesn't really tell ya anything.

Anyhoo- Sunday went alright. Church at 10, big breakfast, nap till a little before 3, went to Somerset to pick out some silver plated flatware, couldn't find any, went to Romeo for a visit to the in-laws, picked up an extra bed frame for the guest room, went home, put it together, grilled some burgers, watched a little Super Troopers, and went to bed. It was good. Now I have a guest room for anyone who wants to come into town to party for the weekend or somin.

Well, I better go, I scheduled a boring day for myself after the craziness of last week. I better get to it. Snoogans.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

I love this new internet deal I have at my house. I can write AND listen to the radio...ONLINE. That's right, I don't have to download any songs or deal with shotty recordings, I can just listen to it and enjoy it. I find that very exciting by the way....if you couldn't already tell.

Well, I have one more coat to put on the guest room and then it's off to buy a bed frame, a box spring, some frames, and maybe a slipcover. Once that's all bought and finished I can start on the office. I'm not sure what color we're doing yet but as soon as I do I'll let you know.

I'm totally and completely swamped at the office and have been for the last few days. I've been trying to take breaks and write - which makes me feel better and motivates me to finish my work a little but it's tough. I have deadlines to meet and estimates to do and jobs to, hopefully, get and run. The upside is that I found a new love of being busy. I like the pressure and the challenge but I hate the stress. My back has been slowly killing me for the last two/three weeks. Occasionally I'll make a stupid snide remark to my husband to be, which again, is stupid and foolish of me but I'm still learning to deal with the work stress at home. I hope he knows it's not him I'm frustrated with sometimes. It's more or less myself. Estimating, as I'm beginning to understand, is a job that requires one person to supervise over an entire company's projects. If I forget something and it ends up costing WAY more than I anticipated, I could end up losing my job and maybe sinking the company. The responsibility is on the estimator. I failed to see that during my "internship" summers. It's scary and hard to swallow sometimes.

You know if had read the last few lines of the last paragraph before I started working at the office full time I probably would've just said "duh" and moved on. I guess I didn't really get it until now.

Things have really just hit me lately. It's the end of August and I'm not moving to school. I have a BA in my office here, at home, sitting on an semi-full box underneath a High School Diploma. I've spent thousands of dollars on a small piece of land in Pontiac and I'm only 22 years old. I mean last year was the first year I was able to drink legally in this country and now I have a house???!! I'm getting married in about 3 months. I have to send almost 300 invitations out in a few weeks. I have a car that doesn't work, a full time job, and a slowly diminishing bank account. A little over three years ago, I was sitting outside a dorm door, talking to steve with jen, and wondering when we'd go to South Haven again.

I love my life now but those are the times i miss the most....my life has come so far but I still miss it.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

It's been updated!!!

My Hizzouse

Monday, August 16, 2004

Hey dudes and dudettes!

Well this weekend went well for the pontiac kids(I'm still working on nicknames my "new" hometown). We spent all Saturday doing yard work, picking up groceries, and finally buying/assembling our coffee and end tables. We got a really nice deal for some unfinished furniture at Lowe's - 88 smackeroo's for a coffee table that we can customize ourselves. We thought 58 was a reasonable price for a large end table too - it fits perfectly.

As Saturday night rolled along, Karin and Linds showed up and we cracked open a couple of beers and a bottle of wine, broke out the chips and dip, and relaxed on the overstuffed couches. A little while later, we fired up the grill (for the first time ever - it was nice) and cooked us up some dogs and chickens. MMM just thinking about it makes me hungry....I should of eatin breakfast. Shhooot. Anyhoo- Mike and Mindy showed up with Connor (their 8 week old) which was really nice. I'm glad I was finally able to put a face to the guy Paul's been talking about for a couple of weeks. They're such a cute/nice/adorable little family! Scott and Lindsay stopped by as well and we stayed up until almost 2am drinkin and laughin. It was fun. Yea good times.

Sunday, we finally made it out to Kzoo by 1pm. First stop scheduled was the mall for some bill payin'. We saw Ryan, talked to him for like four hours but that's ok cause he's the boss. It was good to hear from him. I wish I could stopped by to see everyone else but after the mall, dropping off a trailer for Axel, moving the desk, AND hauling that "stupid ugly I hate it" sectional home, there was no time left over to even sleep. Ok well I did sleep but you know what I mean. But still, we had a good time. Gotta tell ya though, I'm a little upset my former roommate didn't show up to make sure everything was honky doory but what can you do? Well, I could've done something - but I didn't. I have to be poked and prodded for weeks in order to turn to malice. Oh well it's done.

On a happier note, I'm working on getting some more pictures for "My hizzouse" site. This is kindof a frustration for me though. I was going to use angelfire because I could play with the HTML and get the pictures all up on the same site but for some reason I can't get it to do what I want it to do. SOO I went to geocities. It's not my first choice but it'll do I guess.

Well I better go guys and gals. I'll see ya on the flip side.

Friday, August 13, 2004

Dude! I have pictures of the house! I'll try to update it every week for those who can't make it over to the east side to check it out. I'm still workin on getting more pictures to post but we'll see!

Take a Look!

my hizzouse

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

This is one of my favorite songs in one of my favorite movies ever:

Yo, the name is Batty, The logic is erratic, Potato in a jacket, Toys in the attic, I rock and I ramble, My brain is scrambled, Rap like an animal but I'm a mammal, I been brain-fried, electrified, infected and injectified, Vivosectified and fed pesticides, My face is all cut up, My radar's all shut up, Nurse I need a check-up from the neck up, I'm Batty...
I'm so busy lately. I guess this is the business eh? -- one day you're up to your eye balls in work and the next you're fiddlin your thumbs. I need a vacation. Or coffee. Or crack...yea crack. That way I get my work done faster and keep myself busy on slow days. Sweet.

Monday, August 09, 2004

MMM coffee.

Did you know that there are 4.5 weeks in this month? Hmm. Did you also know that almost every calendar has exactly 35 spaces to put numbers in? Neither did I.

My truck is dying and I'm worried. It's been so good to me these past few years and I don't want it to die. She just can't die! - because my truck is a good little red fire engine and because I can't really afford to buy a new one now that my house is burning a hole in my wallet. Oh but a new truck in the driveway would look so nice! NO NO STOP - can't think that can't think that! I loves ma truck......i loves ma lil truck!

Sunday, August 08, 2004

I'm writing a blog from my new house.....finally. This is great. Now I just have to get a desk so that I don't have to sit on the hard floor.

My grass is almost 7" tall. I don't have a lawn mower to mow it so I figure, if someone has a problem with my grass being 7" tall then they can come over and mow it for me.

I have some very big couches in my living room right now. I have no idear why we had to take every single one of the doors off my house to get them in the living room but it worked.

I went canoeing this weekend and I had a fantastic time. I binged on alcohol all night Friday and pretty much all day Saturday on the river. I haven't canoed on that river since I was 8 or 9 I think. It was nice to not only meet and hang out with all of my older brothers friends but also relive some old joyous childhood memories.

I can't type anymore tonight - I'm beat and in need of some comfy sheets. Lata!

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Yea Furniture

I'm going to pick up my couches today! Yea! The last of this week's "afternoon busynesses". Yea that's what I'm going to call my afternoon's now; "afternoon busynesses". Have I told you yet about my crazy schedule??

Well, it begins with this: If you'd like to schedule an appointment with Jackie, you must book her two months ahead of time for weekends and four days ahead of time for weekdays. I'd like to think that I'm only really busy because .... well because people just can't get enough of me but sadly (and somewhat gladly), no one really loves me THAT much ;) It's really just that at this point in the year, everything is jumbled and unsettled. That is, my apartment lease is almost up, I need to move some of my things from one apartment to another, bridal showers are scheduled, canoe & biking trips are still going on, there's work that needs to be done around the house, aunts and cousins are coming in from out of town, and work is starting to pick up at the office. Every word that comes out of my mouth has either started with "Tonight I'm going to ___________" or "Tomorrow I have to ____________" I'm not entirely used to it yet but I definitely learned to appreciate being busy as opposed to being bored.

But enough about that. Tonight I'm going to get my couches. Well more like couch and chair but whatever, it's still fun for me. YEA yEa YeA! Then my main floor is 97% done ( I still need a coffee table and 2nd end table - and they need to be painted)!! I'm so excited!! SO EXCITED! Oh yea and that reminds me:

Lindsay S
Ryan & Jen
Joe D & Heather
Robbie & Lola (if you guys haven't left yet)
Laura & Yerty
Scott & Lindsay P
Axel & Alysha (sp?)
Heather (my cousin)
Jon & Johanna
Sarah & Pat
...EVERYONE! (& if I forgot you I promise I will buy you a soda because I'm really really sorry and gifts always make things better) We're having a little housewarming thing/shindig/keggerator/party/gathering night at the new house on thee 14th, so come on over. The new address is:
482 West Iroquois
Pontiac, Michigan 48341

Call or email if you need anything!!

Monday, August 02, 2004

My feet ache

Well the house is coming together...sort of. Paul has to sort his things in the garage before bringing them into the house - there is just too much stuff. It took us 3 trucks and a 6x12' trailer to move ALL of his things back to the house. SHHEEEESSHHH. I'm glad that it only took us a day to move it though, at least it wasn't two or three weeks of moving. I hate moving. I HATE it with a burning, flaming, firey passion. I'm going to put a little away each week for the next five years, so that when it comes time to move again - I can afford to hire someone to do it for me. I HATE IT.

Aside from all the moving and the walking and the feet hurting, we hauled ass getting the house done. We still have some detailing in the living room to do but the main floor is about 95% done. All we need to do is to finish the cabinets, pick up the couches, and arrange the furniture. THEN, it's on to the upstairs. We'll finish painting the walls, set up the guest bedroom, fix the bathroom, and probably put my computer up on storage bins until we can squeeze a few dollars out for our desk. THEN, it's on to the basement. We'll stain the barn wood and work on tearing the carpet up but no rush.

I know it sounds like a lot of work and you're right. It is but it isn't at the same time. It's a lot of work when you also consider the fact that we've already done the main floor but if we could each do one room at the same time (in the upstairs), it will take us about 7 days. Hey that's better than me doing it by myself.....if that was the case, it would've been 14 days and the upstairs is done. It would take less time if we had all day to wait for each coat to dry.

As I was driving away this morning, I noticed that my lawn greener/plant feeder spray thing worked. If you don't notice the fact that it's now 6 inches tall - the lawn looks great!!!! It's so greeeeen! Yea! I'm so old - who gets excited about a lawn?? Your parents?? Yea. Great.

:) Lata