Thursday, October 14, 2004


Let's say I've been wanting to build this massive metal sculpture for almost 3 years. I've been researching metal suppliers and I've been reading about welding kits so when it came time to build, I had it all planned out. I even took a class so that I could be trained to weld properly. Although I'd still doubted whether or not I'd do it, one day I finally said to myself "F it, I'm just going to build the sculpture".

So I'm just sittin around, calling up the metal dudes, when I find out that metal prices went up. So I think about it, grind my teeth a little, and buy what I need at the new price. Then I get a call, "Jackie, we don't have that welder in stock so you're going to have to wait till next month". I hang my head for an afternoon but I decide to wait. A few days pass and I get an email that reads: "Dear Jackie, the steel rods you needed to build this object have been discontinued. You might want to try such and such a size instead". I sigh in disappointment, call up the company, order the new rods, and tweek my design to fit the new steel. A week goes by and I find out that the metal has to be reordered and the price went up a few cents a foot. I grind my teeth a little more and hand over the credit card. At this point, I've waited over 10 weeks for everything to be set so that I can start fabricating this beautiful metal sculpture....

Now I know that after I build it, I'll make a whole lot of dough selling it but I don't know if I can put up with any more of this waiting crap. What can I do? Do I just stop trying? Or do I continue to cling to the hope that some day I'll be able to profit from this build?

This is so frustrating.

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