Thursday, October 28, 2004

I was so good at scheduling classes in both high school and college that I feel it's suitable I officially dub myself "the queen of time coordination". In high school, classes were difficult to arrange because you had to follow a certain curriculum and we weren't allow to skip the dumb classes. However, my senior year, I still ended up with two free hours for an entire year. First semester, they were the last two hours of the day so I got to leave early and second semester, one free hour was before lunch (so I had a two hour lunch basically) and one was the last hour of school again. It was awesome. AND THEN I came to college. I had, in all four years, one eight oclock class and it was during my very first semester ever. However, even though I had an eight oclock class, I had Tuesday and Thursday off so I made up for it in the end. Every year after that I had not one class before 10am and had at least 1 day a week I didn't have to go to school; whether or not that day was techinically legit is another story. Anyway, so my senior year turned out to be the best of college too. I ended up having Monday, Friday, and half of Wednesday off which proved to be the sickest schedule ever. It was awesome.

SOOOO "the queen of time coordination" is at it again. The wedding is a vacation day gold mine and I'm proud to say that I helped plan that schedule. But there are several advantages that go with that too. First, my out of town family gets to come, stay for an entire week (although I won't be there), and spend thanksgiving together; something they haven't done in probably decades. Second, Thanksgiving gives all the out of town family an excuse to fly out here with is great, I love seeing them. Third, it's the best date (keeping read and you'll find out why), and it's far enough away from Christmas that it gives people a nice break in between. NOW I can explain why it's a VACATION DAY GOLD MINE yesssss!

I have managed to squeeze five vacation days out of the big guy and I'm VERY excited about it. And now you'll know why. I'm taking 5 vacation days and I'll officially be paid for seven AND I won't have to go to work for 11 days total - almost two weeks! YES! Don't understand? Here's how it works, I'm taking off Thursday the 18 and Friday the 19th. Then I have Saturday for the wedding, and Sunday for traveling. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday for the following week are actual work days I took off for vacation, Thursday and Friday are office holidays, and Saturday and Sunday are normal weekend days off. That's in total, 11 days off, including 5 paid vacation, 2 holiday, and 4 weekend days. KICK ASSS.

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