Monday, October 25, 2004

This weekend was fun. I didn't really do much of anything at home on Saturday except sleep in and go shopping for light bulbs, door knobs, and bathroom paint. When I did finally get goin, it was about the time we left for kzoo. We met up with Axel, Alicia, JoeD, Heather, Ryan, Jon, and Jen soon after we got there and had a few drinks. It was a pseudo-shower type thing which was tres cool cause we got the most awesomist stuff ever.

Then we went back to Ryan and Jen's place and sat around for a bit before crashin on the pull out. It was incredibly sweet of them to have us. We can't wait to show 'em the same hospitality when they come to detroit. We had a really good time.

Sunday, we decided it would be a good idea to give the bathroom its first coat of new paint. I must say, it looks a lot better than the old yellow sponge paint but it was a lot of work. Friday night we started taking things off the wall so that we could paint; one of things being the vanity. Yea, we took all the screws out, lifted the giant thing down, and WHOA NELLY. There's a big gaping hole in the wall!!! It looks like someone didn't like the original vanity, took it out of the wall, and just put up a larger one to cover up the hole. I guess it's not a big deal because now we can get one that will set into the wall but still, it was a shocker. Anyway, we finished the first coat and I'll probably work on the second one tonight. After that, I have to do the door and the closet then I'll be done. Finally a light at the end of the bathroom journey! I'm going to do some custom work in there too - I hope it turns out nice. It'll be the first time I venture off of plain paper or canvas - I'll have to practice. :) I'm excited though, if it goes well, I might consider doing more throughout the house. I love working on my house.....I really really do.

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