Monday, January 24, 2005

The basement is going well. Now I think we need to focus on cleaning up the mess that we've continued to make since we started. It's turning out pretty cool and I'm really excited about it. I can't wait til it's finished and everyone can come and see it. You know, the coolest thing about this whole basement renovation thing is all the contacts you make or find out you already had in the process. For example, we're buying our flooring from a guy my brother knows, a co-worker of Paul will likely help us install ceramic tile in our bathroom, and we have a carpet guy to replace the hallway carpet going upstairs. Of course, I might also know a few roofers if we ever had a problem and a plow guy (my bro) for the winter season. It's so cool - it's like people come strolling out of the blue with their trade tools in hand.

I'm a little tired this morning and I don't really feel all that terrific either. I hope no one calls for me today and I can finish all my work in peace. That would be nice. Yes, now I just have to estimate my ass off for the next few weeks.

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