Thursday, January 06, 2005

I didn't watch the Orange Bowl but I heard on the radio that there was a pretty interesting half time show. Last night, Paul and I found a video clip on the net just to see it for ourselves. You know, I can't really feel bad for Ashlee Simpson because she wasn't exactly forthcoming back when the whole SNL thing went down. I mean, if she would've just said "yea, sometimes I run vocal tracks because I want to make sure you guys get a good show" - I would've felt really bad for her and her sucky suck suck performance at the Orange Bowl. Maybe 80,000 some people wouldn't have booed her off stage if she was honest about her difficulty singing live. If she had been open about it in the beginning, she'd still have an ass ton of fans - I mean she's got a good recording voice, she's a little spitfire-ish, and all in all she's a good lookin/singin pop star. She's not on 89X or 97.1 so I don't listen to her that much but I've caught a few songs every now and then and she seems to be alright for pop. Just be honest and tell people you suck at live shows and your fans will understand.

ANYHOO- I had a terrible time trying to get into work this morning. The 4"-7" of snow turned into freezing rain at about 6:00 this morning and Woodward hadn't been plowed for a few miles, so it was like driving in a convoy going 20 mph in 5" of wet, freezing snow. I stopped at the gas station about half way to the office and the pump was so sluggish it took 10 minutes just to get 8 gallons of gas. It took so long, I left before I filled up completely and got back in the stupid convoy of cars. I wish today was like the last major snow day last month; no one was on the road but me and a bunch of other 4 wheel drive was cool.

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