Tuesday, January 25, 2005

I was flipping through blogs this morning, trying to give my coffee time to kick in, and I swear there are a TON of people into animation/cartoon/Yugio/Sailor Moon type thing. I think I missed the bus on that one.

Oh this is bad. I decided not to have a cap, mocha, or diet dr. pepper this morning and I can barely hold my eyes open. I grabbed a cup of coffee but I hadn't planned on caffine this morning. I'm so addicted! Oh this is bad.

Ok I'm gonna say this and I'm only going to mention it once. I'm jealous of the people who work in or for big companies. I'm freakin jealous. I hear about their jobs, whether it's selling shoes or organizing stock and I'm so envious it's sick. Ugh it's honestly a sickness.

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