Thursday, January 27, 2005

January is such a depressing month. The only holiday in January is MLK day and that's not exactly a "fun" holiday - at least not compared to the shallow, happy kinda feel of Ground Hog Day. You get Christmas bills in January and heating bills reach staggering heights (at least if you live in the north). It takes even longer to get to work after the snow falls, you have to shovel snow in the bitter cold, you have to wear double the clothes, you fight something called 'winter weight', and it's the very beginning of a very long year....keep in mind too that all the while you're celebrating the life of a man who, in his adult years, contended with racism, hatred, and bigotry, paving the way for young non-white americans (notice 'non-white' because although it's not stated regularly, I think he's was defending not only black people but other races as well) to live in this country without being afraid of old sheriff billy bob and 600 of his relatives and incest kids.

Take February for example. You've got a few pay checks in the new year under your proverbial belt, you've probably started to pay off some Christmas bills, the semester is on is going to be half way over on the 28th, and Valentine's day is in town. Ok, so if you don't have a special someone on Valentine's day I can see why it would be depressing but stores sell candy on this day. I loved that about Valentine's day - the CANDY! I loooooove candy!!! I also never really based my life around having a significant other - I never really had anything to prove when it came to that subject. I mean, besides Paul, I'd never had a relationship that lasted more than 2 months - I didn't give a shit about whether or not I had someone - I just cared about the CANNNNNNNDDDYYY. Mmmmmm, I could really go for a gummy heart right about now. Anyway...back on the subject....Feb wasn't ever really all that depressing, at least to me.

March, St. Patty's
April, April Fool's Day and Easter (kinda depressing with the whole death and stuff)
May, Memorial Day (yea this could be depressing)
June, .... summer time!
July, Independence day (ok slightly depressing)
August, sizzling hot summer days
September, LABOR DAY - yes!
October, Halloween!
November, THanksgiving!
December, Christmas!

Ok, so there may be some other depressing months but I still think Jan is the worst.

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